bears catching fish (live)


Pretty sweet salmon munching atm, tbf, imo

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honestly, the whole process behind catching a salmon seems a shitload easier than I imagined.

they just stand there walk over to some other spot with a salmon as if nothing’s happened, and they only eat a bit of the salmon.



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Just had a very popular moment round these ends, gull wandered over and looked like it was sat on a bear’s head, but get this: it was just far away.

Prefer their studio version

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Call me when they’re using a damn rod

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If i were a fish i would simply swim downstream

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Bears (live) catching fish (dead)


Love this. Though they dont seem to be trying very hard


They only eat the brains because that’s where the most fat is and that’s what they want

I’d just eat all of it if it was me but think it’s frowned upon by the birds who eat the leftovers

This babe has just got right in there


Really thoughtful of eric to collaborate with you on this thread. Can i express my interest for filming the next wildlife live stream thread and expense the flights to sean?

This is ace.

(Sorry no, not finished that report. I’ve been watching bears half arsed catching salmon all day)

These salmon cannot jump for shit

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