Beast From The East 2 - The Coldening

Just what the old people need right now, a really cold spell :grimacing:

Evil Dwarf from the North

Mucky Mouth from the South

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LOVE the snow. HATE the cold. Conflicted.

I enjoyed this because I was at uni and a number of my classmates were from places that rarely/never get snow, which was excellent fun

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Maw From The North
Lout From The South

I broke my arm on the way back to uni and had to carefully navigate the icy streets of Coventry for weeks. I will say ‘Fuck that winter’

Quite selfishly, I really enjoyed the last one. Was a student at the time and basically spent the whole two weeks or however long it was drinking with friends. Remember watching Barca smashing Real 5-0.

Really don’t need this just now though. Fucking hell.

In fact forget that, I was talking about 2010.

Maw from the Nor
Lout from the Sout

I worked in Birminghams German Christmas Market that winter in an outdoor stall. Lasted about 10 days, it was bitter

Good time to have it. Bring it on

Dove from above