Beastie Boys

Reckon we’ll hear from them again? I remember one of them saying MCA recorded a shit load of vocals before he passed away. Think they’ll ever work to do something with them?

If not, Beastie Boys are awesome, so just have a chat about that here.

It’s not impossible if MCA can appear from beyond the grave, but I’m not sure it’s a great idea. Sadly, it might come down to the money being offered than a genuine desire to make a new album.

I’m going to listen to Check Your Head today. Thanks for starting this thread and reminding me of their most excellence.

Absolutely gutted I never got to see them play.
I’m not sure I’d welcome/we need another LP from them, but I’d spin it in any case.
Hello Nasty was beyond formative for me, came out on my 12th birthday. Pretty sure I could still rap about 90% of the tracks if I just heard a few bars from the intro.

Still get a bit choked when I hear them out of the blue

And their videos, fuck, all their videos were so good.


There was an interview with Mike D recently where it seemed that he was totally content with his life now that the Beastie Boys are not really part of it. A really interesting read.

This one:

Anyway, whilst there may well be unreleased material floating about that could see the light of day, I doubt very much that we’ll ever see them perform live again.

Might have to stick an album on myself, actually. Not sure which…

God they are great. I really don’t see them ever using the name again for anything, as they always seem “happy” to move on and respect it not working without MCA.

I saw them a few times, including the classic 1994 Glastonbury show, a Reading headline and one of those Hello Nasty in the round shows. I’m sure there is another I am forgetting, but it might just be those three.

Suffice to say, all absolutely banging, although that Glastonbury was something else. Then a quick stroll to the Pyramid to see Rage Against the Machine totally on top of their game. Good couple of hours that.

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Only saw them once at Wembley Arena on the 5 Boroughs tour. It was, indeed, a BANGER.

This one:

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They were the only sunshine at a really, really wet and muddy T in the Park 1998 in their blue overalls and yellow moon boots. Although I’ve never really liked Hello Nasty, they played plenty of the old stuff too.

Also, I reckon:

  1. Check Yo Head
  2. Paul’s Boutique
  3. Ill Communication
  4. Licence to Ill
  5. Hello Nasty
  6. 5 Boroughs

What about Hot Sauce?

I’d go along with that in that order, yep.

Why the 5 Boroughs hate? Never got why people don’t rate it. Honestly think it’s pretty bloody great. Would certainly put it on ahead of Ill Communication


Anyone else go to this?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I WISH!

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Remember being so blown away by that band. For some reason, in my mind I’d always think of Hello Nasty era Beastie Boys when I’d think of the band. Seeing that setlist with all different sides of the fucking amazing music they produced was a reminder that they really were something special and had made so much great music for so long, it was just mesmerising. Combined with how amazing they were as performers, was one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to.

This is going to sound terrible given the above, but, err, is that an album?

No hate, just the sixth best from one of my favourites. It SOUNDS amazing, the beats are huge, and a couple of belters, but it all gets a bit bogged down in it’s own concept.

It was their final album. It’s pretty good

Yeah, their final album. You’re also missing The Mix Up, but that’s only an instrumental, so doesn’t really count

Jesus wept, I assumed that was a best of and never even looked at it. What a dick.

Yep, same here, it’d be an ok album by anyone else, but way off their best. I’d happily put it above Hello Nasty or even Licence to Ill. For me, CYH, PB and LTI are a long way ahead of the others.