Beastie Boys


LOL I swear sometimes I think we might be the same person m8! Me and two of my friends wanted to do ‘Paul Revere’ at our primary school talent show. We practiced for ages, were absolutely word perfect and even had outfits sorted (VW badges, the whole 9). My Mum put the kibosh on it though when she saw our names on the entry sheet when she picked me up from school. Still remember ‘the talk’ with my parents about why I found the Beasties suitable role models. My Mum had read the story about them making fun of disabled kids, and as she saw a lot of disabled kids with her work, it really got to her. Remember feeling totally gutted, both cos we couldn’t do the talent show, but also because I loved the band so much, and was so disappointed that they’d done that.

Found out later that the Sun had made the entire thing up. The Beasties and their label were trying to cultivate a bad boy reputation at the time (they had a pretty raucous stage show iirc) but they always vehemently denied making fun of any kids. They also made a point of never doing anything with any of the UK press who had run with the story, throughout their entire career. Talked to my Mum about it years later when the Beasties were doing charity concerts for Tibet and rapping about respecting women and the perception of them had changed. She remembered the whole scolding episode really well and believed that the Beasties never did it too. “Fucking Sun”, I think were her actual words.


P.S. I’m getting the Beastie Boys book for Christmas too…


This is an absolutely brilliant piece. So well written. Credit to Pete Nice too, because 3rd Bass and the Beastie Boys properly hated each other for the longest time


Brilliant. Love how that story seemingly spread the length of the country to all Mums. The hospital story seemed to be the final straw for many, as my Mum just found them generally obnoxious and didn’t really like me listening to them. But I think she took almost equal umbrage with the craze for stealing car badges that they started.


I got the book as a present from friends last week. I’m about half way through, and it is absolutely incredible. This has prompted something of a Beastie Boys binge/addiction, where I’ve listened to little else in days.

A mate alerted me to the below. It’s an early - mainly hardcore - performance. Check out the 29 minute mark, though, when Yauch launches into what is supposed to be some of his first ever rapping:


Yeah it’s weird looking back, I recall how shocking it was in 94 when Sabotage was suddenly everywhere, because Check Your Head had done literally nothing in England, it didn’t even enter the Top 40 albums.

By the way for anyone who has never seen it, this is a really great copy of the 1998 MTV 2 hour special; Beastieography, with all the adverts, bumpers and Sifl And Olly clips and MTV promos and such… it’s freakin amazing

There’s been a version on YouTube for years that’s way shorter and looks terrible.


That’s my night sorted, thanks for this! :slight_smile:


I finished the book on Sunday and have been going back through it to listen to all the recommended tracks. This is an early highlight:


Fucking hell… These guys are from Ellon??!



Just finished this book. Unbelievably I had no idea AT ALL of all the crazy shit they got up to and how involved they were with early hip hop. Such a gbol in the 90s really.

The book also makes me want to drop out of life and listen to music all day