Beat writers, and that

Always thought they were sort of macho and boring but my friend who has bad taste was like ‘i tried to read a William Burroughs book and it was TERRIBLE’ and now i wanna go back and read one

Took me about 7 years to finish reading Big Sur. Quite enjoyed Dr Sax though. Don’t think I’ve read anything by the other beat writers.

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Remember reading On The Road during my first office job. The wrong time to read it really as it made me angry to read about this guy just floating about doing nothing while I did spreadsheets.


Hunter is one of those authors that you start by idolising (and you’re wrong) but then reject him and say he’s shit (and you’re wrong about that, too), and then you realise he’s just a good writer and his essays are better than his fiction


Remember one little party where me and few pals were a bit far gone and started reciting Ginsberg in an American accent :grimacing:

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We read On The Road at the book club that I belong to the other month. I loved it as a student but reading it again I just found Jack Kerouac really annoying. Found the travel writing and descriptions of late 40s/early 50s America fairly interesting but got really bored by JK’s endless descriptions of his ‘wild’ nights out and his low-life mates.

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This is good but I don’t know if it’s actually Beat poetry

all the authors i liked from before the 60s are a massive disappointment really aren’t they.

used to love Steinbeck but then find out he was revolting. Orwell informed on his pals for MI5. Wodehouse loved the Nazis.

this is only tangentially related.

Wouldn’t really know a bad book if it hit me in the face. Thought On The Road was boring like most books.

He is a great writer of non-fiction though.


Can I recommend Go by John Clellon Holmes as an alternative to the Beat canon? It’s a much more grounded/ realistic description of the beatnik lifestyle.

Wasn’t this basically a guy holding down a job whilst Kerouac shagged his wife?

It’s been a few years since I read it.

You can’t ditch everything by anyone with any dirt on their CV, though. There’ll be no music left for a start. The really bad stuff, absolutely, but…

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I think it’s great that Harry Potter and the Five-Week Mescaline Binge On The A42 has got kids reading

On the Road has some of my favourite writing about music. Made me want to go to a dirty jazz bar and Feel that wild sway. Something nothing else - least of all actually listening to jazz - has ever done.

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I read On The Road about 12 years ago* aged around 19, absolutely loved it and still class it as one of my all time faves. Interestingly I picked up another copy in better nick than mine just this weekend and plan on reading it again before Xmas…

*I’m not at home tonight else I’d obviously check my book journel to give yous an accurate month and year

Murakami does this to me too.

Cue hot takes

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on the road is pretentious rubbish, grace is boring. read/heard them both as an adult tho, so maybe that’s the problem there. kid shit

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Bad day, mate?

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