Beating Nazis up and that

Seen quite a few videos of late of people wearing swastikas or saying seriously questionable shit getting sparked the fuck out. Is it okay to find it funny?

Feel a bit conflicted about it. Don’t like violence. Don’t like meeting fire with fire, for want of a better term. Don’t know if you’ll stop someone having dubious views by giving them a kicking. But i do find it a bit funny at the same time.

How do you feel about it?


Fine. Violence towards absolute bastards is fine guys


actively encourage the beating up of nazis, m9.



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If you walk around wearing a red armband with a swastika on it, quite honestly, you deserve a smack in the chops.

I don’t find it especially funny, and usually I would be against shit like this but having seen a video earlier, I won’t pretend the guy didn’t have it coming.


If it’s the toss of a coin, yes, that’s how i feel, but at the same time i do question if it helps long term.

Maybe it will. Maybe it does help. Maybe these cretins are such weak characters that stoving them in will intimidate them into not doing it, idk.

So much for the tolerant left!!!

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think that’s the jist of it. plus, these groups are more often than not violent themselves, so its as much a defence tactic as anything else.

It’s getting to the point where i think i would feel okay with punching one. Before i’d have been worried about the consequences, but now the general mood seems to have changed to the point that you can sense a noticable drift towards the right that i wouldn’t really care, not even expect most people not to also be worried.

Maybe i’m overthinking it.

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Just saw a fight at the bookies. A drunk bloke started racially abusing another bloke minding his own business. So the bloke decked the racist.

A few weeks ago. See if this quote thing works.

Nope. I’m not good at this.

But saw it and was fine with it.

How do we feel about beating racists up ourselves, though? Realistically one gets on the bus, do we a) deck the cunt, b) reason with him, c) ring the plods/tell the driver, d) put your headphones in and hope someone else sorts it out?

I think we’re underestimating the natural instinct the vast majority of us have to avoid getting beaten up here.

If you sympathise with a Nazi getting punched you’re a Nazi sympathiser. That’s just science.


It’s a complex issue. There is something about someone wearing the swastika, having made a conscious choice to in the face of everything it represents that is completely and utterly indefensible.

That’s not to say that racist behaviour is ever defensible, of course the opposite is true - but I think a lot of Xenophobia and racism is born from fear and ignorance. I don’t think the same can be said for someone actively identifying themselves as a Nazi.

If someone thinks that gassing six million Jews as well as killing gays, the disabled and political opponents is a good thing then I reckon it’s OK to give them what they deserve.


I would probably never get get into into a fight unless as last-resort self-defence a) because I don’t reckon I’d be any good at it and b) because I’m scared of getting a criminal record and it affecting my life plans.

But I’d like to think I’d speak up and tell someone to shut up. I’ve stepped in before when a guy was throwing a woman around and got between them.


I think it’s a good thing.
The puncher gets to reinforce that nazis are bad.
The nazi gets to gloat to his mates that they got punched.


I’m ok with Nazis being punched. I don’t buy for a second that a Nazi demonstration is on par with some sort of policy-type demonstration; it’s an inherently violent group making a show of power, not some Fair Tax nerds making some noise.

i think hitler liked to get punched, so it’s probably ok