Beatles - 8 days a week


Anyone seen this? My little boy who’s 6 is Beatles obsessed and wants to watch it. It doesn’t have a rating as far as I can tell, is there anything unsuitable, bad language or… adult themes or something? Apart from the Beatles generally being an odd thing for a 6 year old to be obsessed with.


My younger brother age three knew all the lyrics to Nowhere Man.

To be fair a lot of the Beatles make more sense for kids. Yellow Submarine is the obvious example


It’s a 12a - so you can take him

There are a few F bombs in the interviews - but that’s it really




If there’s F-bombs, I think we can live without for now. Thanks anyway.


defo need to check this. gonna pick up that hollywood bowl shit on wax, too


The hollywood bowl stuff is great - for a concert that is notorious for being bad (as the band couldn’t hear each other) they are tight as hell

The film doesn’t do a very good job of signposting that there is an extra half hour of concert footage coming after the credits - at the screening I was at quite a few people left during the credits.

reply to @bird


Did want to see this but cant see it playing near me.

Could watch or read about the bwatles all day. Find them fascinating


What’s his favourite The Beatles album?


yeah man, I’ve heard a couple of needle drops. sounds superb. real two-fingers up to the haters who say they couldn’t play for shit, too. as you say, tight as fuck


I think he’d have to say… Abbey Road. He has the poster on his wall too. Mainly watches youtube videos of them, and “plays” (clangs tunelessly) his guitar while singing along.


Pretty sure there’s no swearing.

Surely law require it to have a rating though, they’ll be one somewhere.


mate, it;s a 12A and someone has confirmed there’s swearing up there

you no longer have any authority on the beatles


Some things are rating exempt. Sports is one, pretty sure music is another.

A load of WWF VHS’ in the 90s didn’t have a rating.

Edit: Ignore me. Just looked it up. If its shown in cinemas it needs a rating, unless the local authority has decided otherwise.


Mannnnnnn so bummed out, it was okay n all but they literally skipped the bit of their career I liked and ended suddenly. "They never played live again, released Sargent pepper and 5 other albums the end’ 6/10


Tbf it was the touring years


Trueeeee but stilllll


I assumed you were taking the piss with that?

TBH, having watched 8 hours (or whatever) of the Anthology can I ask what this has left to show me?


Yeah the best thing that happened to the Beatles was not playing live. Because suddenly they didn’t care about whether they could replicate the songs on a stage. They just made so many advances in production for a pop release, experimenting with anything and everything.