Beatles Film

:grimacing: That’s an… awkward watch.


Jesus that’s shocking. I don’t recall seeing that before. I know the VHS/DVD versions of the Anthology is longer than on TV (I actually thought it was only 8 hours instead of 6 but wikipedia claims its 11:23:24 which is quite an incredible increase) so maybe it wasn’t in the broadcast version.

When I drummed I had an Arbiter Flats Kit. Don’t think Eddie Arbiter himself can have designed it but made by one of his companies. Very fun to find out about the logo.

has anyone else seen this? Basically Mamma Mia but for The Beatles, highly bizarre film

Sometimes people just sing lines from the song to other characters, sometimes full tracks are played by bands in dive bars, sometimes they go all-out in riffing on IRL Beatles stuff (Apple logo but done as a strawberry, rooftop concert), whole load of characters with names like Jude, Prudence, Sadie etc etc

Some of the directing is really great and visually stunning, but other parts are complete garbage and it makes so many odd/bad story choices. Couldn’t stop watching it but was very annoyed by most of it … and then Bono showed up and made me despise the world

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Yeah I went to see this in the cinema when it came out and thought it was great

Watched it with friends at home much later and found a lot of it pretty cringe lol

Still pleasant enough and some nice bits and pieces to it

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Very very very odd film. Hypnotically shit.
Your precis is bang on - some great visual moments but predominantly rubbish.
Also quite a wasted opportunity - there’s doubtless a far less terrible jukebox musical to be made from Beatles songs, and I wonder if this one suffers (to British eyes) from being so squarely aimed at an American audience, utterly failing to translate the voice/spirit/edge/humour/etc of the Beatles as experienced by British fans.
Also I just remembered the Eddie Izzard bit and cringed myself inside out.

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think a couple of the song reinterpretations were pretty decent - usually when they leaned more into making them bluesy/soulful, as those are two things I don’t feel like The Beatles ever did all that much given how much ground they did cover (and ones The Stones did a lot more with)

but a lot of the other versions just heart my ears and brain, and yeah Eddie was a very unwelcome presence …

I’m a big fan of musicals in all of their guises too, just struggle at a basic level with one built around pre-exiting songs as I can’t see how they’d ever fit in neatly to a narrative without feeling jarring

Ha, during Get Back I kept thinking who would play them in a film and Jim Sturgess was my pick for Paul.

Just me??


Available to buy next month. Doesn’t look like there’s any extras though……

those sweet, sweet extra bits though. 20mbps? yes please!!

Never been a massive batles fan but loved this. Now fallen down a massive beatles wiki wormhole. Didn’t realise Ringo was a self-confessed ‘wife-beater’ too :unamused:


There doesn’t seem to be any extras unfortunately

For a start I’m annoyed because I had to update my Disney plus app settings to “18+“ and I didn’t even realise I had it on kid settings because I only watch children’s films.
I’m four minutes in and so unimpressed. I respect that some people love their music because we all have different taste and that’s fine and good. Gonna actually reign in my criticism in a bit.

They aren’t even that funny either though. I don’t get it???

Need to get to know the characters before it gets funny like Friends


Which takes about 3hours


Limmy said on twitter that it’s a bit like watching Big Brother, and that’s how I feel about it. It’s kind of boring, but in a way that’s quite watchable.

It does feel like being in the room with them in that, if you were there, you’d tune out and look at your phone most of the time and glance up when it sounds like something interesting is happening (which is how I watched it).


Unlucky, they have two good songs.
I respect their cultural impact but they don’t deserve it!!! I feel like I’m watching a film about My Vitriol

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And MV were one of my most listened to bands in 2018, THE FUCKING BEATLES WERE NEVER.

Smashed my way through this, McCartney 3, 2, 1 and The Beatles Anthology. Hoping by the end of that I’ve had my fill of recaps of The Beatles story.

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absolute nonesense. before the beatles, bands had only ever played on the ground or at best maybe a stage. they were the first to dare to ask the question “what if we did this on the roof?”