Beautiful young people in a remote location being picked off one by one by a a homicidal maniac/s or forces supernatural TV series mega thread

One of my favourite genres of trash, this.

Location is vital and preferably be foreign.

Think my favourite was The Chalet but then there is Black Lake and seminal classic, Harper’s Island.

What other ones are there? I’m sure I have seen more.

Love island

Is that maniac or forces supernatural?

Was Black Lake the one with the pink-eye?

The supernatural force is the TV watching public (I’ve not seen it, it’s a voting thing right?)

I… don’t know?

Does Eden Lake fit the bill Lonzo?

Edit: ffs TV series, see you later.

Stag on BBC three years ago was a particularly poor example of the genre


That is just a couple as well as far as I remember. And it is too bleak.

Oh yes!

Newcastle 5 - Man Utd 0

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Fifteen To One


I should’ve said Bullseye


Oh yes!

Have you watched the new one? It is absolute dogshite. The main geezer is back again in a completely different scenario (Swedish island in spring/summer).

This geezer:


I thought the first one was fairly dogshite tbqfh. It started well but I really didn’t care by the end.

Big fan of the genre though and I shall be watching the thread closely.

Have you seen the Chalet? French mountains in summer (great environment). It’s on Netflix. Or at least was.

I have not - is it man or supernatural killings (don’t say if the answer could be a spoiler)?

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