Beck = back


Album in October. First track has a Beatlesy bounce to it.


I’m hoping for Happy Beck, not Sad Beck.


It’s got wow on it. It’s happy beck


Dreams, Wow and this one suggest this is more Midnite Vultures than it is Sea Change/Morning Phase


Hurrah. I liked sad Beck too, but two albums of it is enough for anyone. Something in the vein of Modern Guilt would make me very happy. Another Midnite Vultures rather less so.


Well this is fucking great news.
Let’s hope a tour is to follow



Yaaasssss more of this please beck.
Can’t wait for the record


Having this!


I feel like I’ve heard this before?

Still, certified Beck banger


sure this sounded way more shit when it leaked ages ago…pretty good now but other than Wow all the tracks so far do feel a bit safe


He’s kinda nailing this pure pop phase isn’t he?


Modern Guilt is sooooo under rated - probably my favourite Beck album


Modern guilt is a fucking great record


Yes! Strong contender for mine too. Eight albums into his career and he comes out with something as strong and fresh sounding as that.


It’s great, much more consistent than Guero or The Information, but the latter does have Nausea and Cellphone’s Dead so…

What a guy btw, he’s pretty much the reason my musical taste is the way it is.


Beck is the fuckin man, proper love him


Stereogum have slammed the new album, so I’m looking forward to it more now


Played the 350 capacity Omeara in London last night. So good. Full band and pretty much a greatest hits sets.

In session on 6Music on Thursday but apparently playing some other small gigs in London this week - keep an eye on his twitter field.


That Setlist!!! :heart_eyes: