Bed Audit 2019

What you all sleeping in?

  • Single
  • Double
  • Queen
  • King
  • Super King
  • Other (Please Specify)

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Bed chat/polls encouraged

Yes! This is thr thread for me. We are in the process of upgrading our life to a better one, by way of increasing the distance @Gnometorious has to travel inorder for me to nitice she’s chasing me around the bed each night. I think a King Size would probably do, right?

Another important consideration: How many pets would also fit in a KS bed, compared to the one that sort of tessellates at the moment?

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Had some friends round recently who were deeply impressed by how much we’ve committed to the separate bed(room)s life. They admitted they did it themselves but still pretended they had “their” room and a spare.

So double to myself is plenty.


I’m in a cheap, landlord bought bed. The mattress was new when I moved in (I said point blank that I wasn’t sleeping in the previous one) and the one they’ve bought is very bouncy. I prefer something to sink into.

Whenever I sleep in a single bed the arms end up hanging over the edge and I get pins and needles.

When I buy my next place all my money is going on a top end bed and mattress.

Got an Emma King sized mattress a couple of months ago and it’d be an understatement to say it’s changed my life

What more could you state about it?


Investing in a Super King has changed our lives dramatically. I’m very wide and tall so a 6’ x 6’ bed is brilliant as I don’t take up loads of room and annoy Mrs F, and the cat can join us if she wishes without causing a disturbance.


Got a king size bed because I am a Tory.

Think I need a new mattress.
How are folks round here mattressing these days?!

Some special orthopaedic one that we got when we got the bed. We both suffer from chronic back pain and it’s definitely worth it.

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dont really know the difference between a double and a queen/king tbh (ironic coming from eric doubles eh!!!11!) but i think ours is a queen or a double but it’s a bit small for me and could be bigger (WAHEY!!!111)


Always thought a queen was between a double and a king but I may be wrong.

we got a super king size bed from IKEA when we moved into our current house. it’s ridiculous, takes up most of the room, but is brilliant. has some nice drawers underneath for bonus, much needed storage :+1:

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  • 1 pillow
  • 2 pillows
  • 3 pillows
  • I am some kind of eccentric oligarch and use more than 3 pillows.

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Sometimes two is too much so one plus a little cushion or something

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Any less than two makes my neck and back really hurt. Getting super king sized pillows has been a real game changer too. We sleep like absolute royalty in the Funkhouse.


people who: have about 12 pillows on their bed that they have to take off to sleep

  • weirdos
  • perfectly fine
  • no real opinion soz ezra

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Queen is smaller than a double (Small Double in this diagram).

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one is too few, two is too many. one of those riddles for which there is no true answer.



I have to sleep diagonally on mine or my feet hang off and get cold.

Could eventually upgrade to a king size or I could keep complaining about it and sleeping poorly forever.

Will probably be the latter