Bed Blame - a poll thread

Things that go wrong in your shared bed, who’s to blame, and whether there is consensus on who’s to blame.

Your co-sleeper can be any person or animal you share a bed with. Only vote in polls where you experience the issue at hand and want to apportion bed blame. Please respect the format, as follows:

Bits in the bed

  • My co-sleeper is to blame
  • I’m to blame

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Does your co-sleeper agree or disagree with your assessment of the bed blame?

  • Agree
  • Disagree

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I only have myself to blame


Reckon bed sharing is one of humanities worst inventions.


Doing bits in the bed or are we talking about crumbs?

doing bits?

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doing BITT in the bed

Ok boomer.

“That baby is doing bits!”

what baby? what’s a bit?

I made a post a while ago about if you see a cool baby you can say “That baby is doing bits!”

I think “doing bits” is what the kids say these days for “that person is doing an impressive thing or is in a good run of form”

Like, comedy routines?

Whats the deal with bed bits


Duvet stealing

  • Yeah that’s me, soz
  • No, it is them who is to blame!
  • n/a

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‘Doing bits’ is slang for foreplay, as coined by Love Island I believe.

Why does the room and everything in it smell like farts

  • Fair cop, that’s me
  • Nothing to do with me
  • Joint effort

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COUPLES :clap: SHOULD :clap: HAVE :clap: SEPARATE :clap: DUVETS :clap:


My son keeps complaining the room smells of hummus when he comes up here.

Fair enough really


I heard someone say “Sterling is doing bits” in the last six months and it wasn’t foreplay related

You sure?