Bed bugs

Anyone here ever had them?

I’m worried that we might have them. I’ve had some questionable bug bites over the last 2 days (very itchy and sometimes several in a line, which is a bed bug trait) and a few days ago I found a bug on the sofa that I’m now thinking could have been a bed bug. I’ve not seen any mosquitos around so I’m now in the process of tearing the place apart looking for signs of infestation.

Anyone got any advice? Anywhere in particular I should check for them?

Check the mattress for clusters of small brown stains. They tend to bite in groups of three as well so look out for that. But if your mattress is stained, you’ll know for sure.

I hope you don’t have bedbugs though


I had bedbugs once - the former tenant of my bedroom in a shared flat had brought them back from travelling and they’d dealt with them once before but not completely removed them. It was around two months of absolute hell and I’m getting sympathy itches just thinking about it.

What kind of bed do you have? Wooden frame? Divan? etc.

My parents got them once after coming back from a holiday, ended up having to fumigate, throw out two beds and all their bedding / bed clothes. They tried less severe methods, but each time the bugs came back and they had to go more extreme with the measures. Was a miserable few months for them.

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I’ve got one area with 3 bites in a row, one pair of bites together and a few more individual bites spread out across my body. It’s the 3 in a row that have me worried, that and the quantity of bites in such a short time. No pets here and I haven’t visited my cat recently so it’s not likely to be fleas. I’ve checked the mattress and bed frame and had a cursory look at the sofa and not found anything. But what could be biting me??

Wooden frame. We took the mattress off, had a good look over it all, found nothing so far. We’ve vacuumed it all and underneath and I’m going to steam clean it

You have to look in all the cracks and joints for the eggs. We ended up getting rid of them with a cooks blowtorch burning into the holes and cracks in the wood but took us a while to work that out.

One thing you could do to test this theory is take some strong masking tape and stick it around the bed frame with the sticky bit facing outward. I did this by holding the tape sticky side out against the frame and then using other pieces at the top and bottom of the tape to hold it on. Make it so that the tape sticks firmly to the bed and that there are no ways to avoid it.

When you go to bed and sleep, the bugs (if they exist, which I hope they don’t) come out and roam around the bed, and they’ll get stuck on the tape when they do that. If you find little brown bugs that look the shape of a lentil stuck to the tape the next morning then time to get the blowtorch out.


Fucking hell, this sounds like the most Halloween real life thing ever


I’ve got a steam cleaner, that’s probably a bit safer than a naked flame! I’m going to check and clean whatever I can but as soon as I actually find any evidence of them I’ll be getting an exterminator in

Yeah probably for the best. I was driven to the point of madness by the time I got to this stage and wouldn’t have stopped short of

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if that’s what it took…


It’s a psychological horror, you don’t realise how much you take the security and comfort of your bed for granted until it’s taken away


We have been finding SO many mosquitos in our house lately, think due to this year’s hot Summer mainly. Know you said you haven’t seen any yourselves but we don’t live a million miles away from you so it could well be mozzies?

I have been explicitly advised numerous times not to let them bite


Had them a few years ago at my mum’s after bringing them back from travelling and I ended up having to bin literally everything. Duvets pillows the bed frame mattress and even a rug on my floor. It was ruining my life to the point I had to just eradicate everything. It was awful and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone :sob: hoping you don’t have them but if you do you can get one of those mist sprays you leave in the middle.of the room for like 24 hours?

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I’m obviously hoping it’s mosquitos but finding a row of bites is worryingly bedbug like. Also 9 bites in 2 days seems like a lot. If I find a mosquito before I find a bed bug I’ll be relieved!

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People who’ve had them - how easy was it to find visible signs of them on your bed etc after you started getting bites?

The small brown patches of (I’m guessing) blood?

I don’t care about the bed and bedding, even the sofa that I bought only months ago can go if it has to, but i don’t want to have to bin my clothes :sob: if I do find some I’ll be getting exterminators in asap, I don’t want to get to the blowtorch stage!

Clothes should be fine as you can wash them. I just had to bin and replace anything too big to wash.


I got eighteen mosquito bites when I was in France and they’re just the ones I managed to count.

Biting insects suck!