Anyone ever had them? I had a friend stay over this weekend and she slept in my bed. In the morning, my legs were bit to shit and they’re still dead itchy. Think it’s probably bedbugs. How hard are they to get rid of? Any funny bedbug stories?

apparently very.

i got bit to absolute fuck by bedbugs earlier this year the first night in a hotel. thought it was the dodgy sheets so got them to fumigate everything. turned out the bed bugs were from the airplane seat on the journey over.

british airways btw. the minging bastards.

Think you need to wash your sheets a very high temperature and also hoover the shit out of your bed.


Had them for a while in a uni house. Theyre a fucking nightmare and its really hard ti get rid. Take all the sheets off your bed and tumble dry them in highest setting asap, and them theres a powder you can use on your bedframe and mattress. Hope you get it sorted mate.

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Read in the guardian over the weekend that there is an outbreak, without being too dramatic, of them due to the hot weather. Also isn’t all to with squalor apparently, which is reassuring!

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Luckily I’m moving out of the flat in 4 days. Do feel for whoever’s moving in though…

You want to be careful you don’t carry them to your new place.


Ah Christ, poor guys. Our landlord had pest control in twice before we moved in, and twice more while i was there, never managed to fully stop them coming back.

We had a scabby old hire truck at work a few months ago and everyone who drove it was getting covered in bites from it :grimacing:

Best of luck to you. I’d advise washing absolutely everything immediately and booking a pro to spray the room and check the rest of your house. They are unbelievably persistent and breed really quickly. Hoovering is a good idea, but you have to empty the bag immediately and then take the bin bag outside.

Bed bugs pretty much make you a pariah in around here, the mention of them will have people recoiling in fear :frowning:

The bed bugs were so bad in our apartment that we had to throw out both mattresses, all the bedding. We even bought a new bed frame with legs that the little fuckers couldn’t climb. Thankfully bed bugs are one of few things that tenants have a bit of protection from. The landlord had to pay for the exterminators, must have cost a fair bit as it took 6 visits to get rid of them all.


Smear the mattress in peanut butter.

Then move out.

According to the fumigator guy we had around in my last house share, bedbugs usually live in the gap under the skirting boards, and come out at night, attracted by the CO2 you breathe out. To get rid of them, you’ll need to get your floor sprayed (easier if you don’t have carpets), with this stuff that’s toxic to them when they walk on it.

You’ll usually notice if you have bedbugs though - they’re about the size of a ladybird and red after feeding.

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This. Also don’t bother with the bed bug spray you can buy in supermarkets, it doesn’t work at all!

We had them in our last place. Washing the sheets alone won’t cut it, we removed the matress, moved the bed away from the wall and sprayed some stuff down/around the legs of the bed, skirting boards, carpet… any place there was a chance they could be hiding in. Got rid of the fuckers/they moved elsewhere

Got them in a hostel once. Grim AF.