Bedding thread

What are we all rocking?

Current setup: load of shite that’s all going in the bin when I move.

Future setup: got a latex pillow on order. Got some sheets from Johnny L on the way. Waiting for some classy duvet covers from La Redoute (and also a constellations one don’t @ me). The only missing piece is the duvet. I want something that’s as heavy as possible but also as cool as possible. I don’t know what that combination is.

Possible parody thread titles include:

Jeggings thread
Reading thread
Sledding thread
Wedding thread

Hand-me-downs. Bit knackered, but one of those things I refuse to spend money on until they’re in tatters.

Same as my philosophy towards pants, then.

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2 x latex pillows
Sheets are Egyptian cotton, 800 thread count
Duvet is a 2 piece clip together thing, one summer, one thicker… together makes a thick winter one. Can’t remember the tog count… it’s fibre though cos feather ones aren’t very nice for the geese are they :confused: :bird:

I bought an offensively bad Chrimbo set last year. Looking forward to cracking that out.

Latex pillows are shit. Anything memory foam is shit. There’s a reason these things haven’t been at all popular until now, and that’s because manufacturers have exhausted the selling potential of traditional feather/down items and now need to think of something new to artificially hype and sell to mugs.

I like my duvet as light as possible, therefore I am of no use to you in this thread.

I get hot in bed. Humblebrag intended.

Going to rotate my mattress later on

Vacuum it as well, it’s good for the mattress (and your health)

Did you order the la redoute pillow cases too? I forgot to do this last time and then the cases sold out :woman_shrugging:

I’ve got three pillows, of varying thickness, and no matter which combination I use, I still get really stiff* in the morning.

*in the neck, obvs

I did! But my cool constellations one only has square pillow cases so I didn’t order those.

Go latex, my friend.

(ignoring that I’m a shill for the shadowy world of pillow manufacturers)

I too get hot, but I enjoy the weight of the duvet. So all I’m asking for is something dense/thick/heavy but that doesn’t make me too hot.

Get on with it, science!

You’re in bed with Big Latex.


Load of shite mate, I too am awaiting a move in order to bin it off and start again.

Maybe we could go halfs on a skip?

What would be the equidistant location for it?

My London geography isn’t very good, so I’ve assumed you live in Buckingham Palace, which makes the mid point Collier’s End in Hertfordshire.

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