Hey I’m in the market for some new bedding. Can you guys offer up any personal faves?

Something like these would be nice but I’m not necessarily set on something so bold. Low prices if possible.

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These are paintings not bedding but hopefully you get the idea but I’d love to see what you guys like or have


Have some stuff like this on my wall but not on my bed.


I am addicted to buying bedding however I have a ‘only white duvet’ rule for my room so it’s very calm and plain to help with sleep (probably doesn’t), so all of my interesting bedding is confined to M’s room. She has about 12 different duvet covers to date.

If you’re after a nice design but don’t care about thickness/quality of cotton then Asda and H&M are my favourites. Marks and Spencer is good for thread count.

Contrary to my only white bedding rule above because it’s Christmas I break the rule until Jan. Currently really into orange/brown so I’m sporting this H&M one


Got this

And this


Bit pricey

Really can’t decide which of my Bruegel duvet covers is my favourite


How about this?

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Thanks. I’ll try Asda now. Marks and Spencer’s had some really nice Christmas ones but I can’t find the one I liked. Might have been a bit expensive too. What’s Ikea like for bedding? It’s just there’s an Ikea right by Asda so perhaps I should try that out.

Yeah, Bruegels can be expensive, I’ve always said that.

Hmm, I’m not a big fan of IKEA bedding. They seem quite thin which is fine if I love the design but I’ve never been drawn to any of their designs so far. Worth checking out though if you’re right near one.

Asda isn’t as good as usual at the moment, maybe it’s because it’s largely xmas themed but if that’s what you’re after you might be alright. Maybe check out Dunelm too?

FYI my other bedding rule is brushed cotton in winter, ordinary cotton the rest of the time. But again I’ve broken this as brushed cotton is much harder to find in nice designs.

Don’t be frugal
Buy a Bruegal!



That’s next year’s Halloween outfit sorted


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my pal at work told me his girlfriend made him throw out all of his bedding that wasn’t plain white. made me sad


ha, i missed that. i understand the calming thing, makes more sense than just not liking nice patterns

I love patterns and it’s really a struggle for me not to buy more exciting stuff but I try to have my room as boring or hotel-like as possible in the hope it’ll magically cure my insomnia.

La Redoute do some nice stuff. I got one with a bunch of constellations on, which says its for kids but they’re not the boss of me.

Also got some boring geometric patterned ones for adults, but they’re less good.