Been a while since we had a 'how many Nectar points have you got?' thread - in partnership with Balonz

Double up at the moment innit, been sleeping on these for a couple of years so finally gonna cash some in and get some Christmas boooooze.

I have been using an Albert Heijn bonuskaart since moving to the netherlands and I have no idea if I’m accumulating points or anything, it’s quite concerning.


Just read this to see if I could help you out but it’s very vague.

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Thanks for that, I’m pretty sure it does very little but all the bogof stuff doesn’t apply unless you use it. The idea of giving something for nothing would be the sort of thing that would confuse and scare Dutch people.


Ooft thanks for the heads up

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That’ll be why they have spare ones dangling from the self-serve tills then. Basically acknowledging how pointless they are.

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Off the grid!

no clubcards of any kind, fuck the man

:metal: :metal:

Not sure how many points, about £5.80 worth I think.

Booked my brother’s stag do (flights and hotel for 15 people) and will collect the nectar points on that next year.

It’s enjoyable to steal the nectar points of someone you’re in Sainsers with by scanning your card as they scan their shopping at the self-service checkout.

:grinning: ruthless.

You’d be surprised how many places/companies you can link your card to as well. Get points whenever I buy train tickets.

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Related: is it justifiable to nab the nectar points for yourself when shopping for work-related things which you’d claim back on expenses?

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Haven’t used my nectar card in ages, should really as sainsburys local is now the nearest well stocked shop.

I don’t have one of those little keyring cards for my nectar which is why I never have it on me.

I use the stocard app so I don’t have to carry any loyalty cards around with me.

Probably gonna sound like a luddite but… I don’t really like ‘apps’


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Depends who you work for/whether the work could claim/use the nectar points?

I do it all the time and never thought much of it. My gf frowns on it though, she claims i’m ‘stealing points’ from my employer.