Been a while since we had a 'how many Nectar points have you got?' thread - in partnership with Balonz

Just cashed in 14,000 - £140 of vouchers on the way to fritter away. Christmas booze is a good shout.

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air miles / hotel points are all mine

fuck them

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:bell: Sainos nectar double up reminder :bell:

Gonna get a stick blender and maybe some placemats

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When does it end Tunes, this weekend?

Yeah, on til Sunday

Lovely stuff. Need to pop in there and pick up a box of Chrimbus prosecco.

So I use Google pay on my phone for most payments and it ahs my loyalty cards uploaded to it but I don’t know how it works - I assumed it was updating them automatically but when I click on the cards it shows a barcode as if I should be scanning it myself.

Every time I’ve tried it doesn’t work. User error?

42,113 points, which is apparently £210.57!


Go buy yourself a playstation

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Absolutely treat yo’self!

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the waitrose card is all but useless these days since they stopped the pick your own offer

Tempting, but it would need to be kept from the inquisitive eyes of a toddler. If I was getting a console, I’d be better off buying an old wii on ebay.

Maybe I should just blow it all on booze.

I did not realise that Nectar point collecting could be so lucrative. And here was me thinking that coming on DiS would not be a productive use of my time.

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I live to serve chintz (hello by the way :wave:)

You know what’s bloody useless? Sparks card. I’ve got a fucking insane amount of Sparks and I don’t think they entitle me to anything except maybe just the smuggery of being someone who’s got a fuck-tonne of Sparks, idk.

In my experience, virtually none of the Sainsbury’s tills can scan the barcode off your phone (only the very newest tills can do it). All of the Tesco tills can scan my Clubcard off my phone however…

Hmm, it’s Tesco where I’ve tried it.


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Got over 15,000. Cashing in for Christmas!

Not bad, I’m just shy of 10,000. Will try to reach exactly 10k, bask in that for a while, then spend it all on drink.

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