Been doing anything "right, left and centre" lately?

Talk about things you’ve done “left, right and centre” in the last 10-12 days in here please.

Little fun bonus fact for you. I say “left and right” and skip out the “centre” bit when saying this verbally in the real world.


I’m afraid not. Sorry pal x

No worries, thanks anyway.

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What does this mean??

It’s a politics thing I think

I thought maybe a football temrnibokogy

Actually, that would make more sense. Probably Soccer Manager related.

I have never done something “right, left and centre”

I’m sure I have done things “left, right and centre”

I’ve probably done things “left and right”


it’s actually called Championship Soccer

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You know when you’re doing something and rather than just doing it a bit you’re doing it “right, left and centre” instead? It’s kind of like that.


sqaure, live a little, only left turns home tonight

I’m refusing to drive for at least two weeks now. pretty much circled the entire country the last two.

Hi Smee!

Eating cake.

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What flavour?

warmly embraces old friend, choking up and unable to keep tears from rolling down cheeks


(I really like doing this bit with you)

Extremely chocolatey
White chocolate with fresh cream
Brownies with white choc
Brownies with raisins and hazelnuts
Spent a week eating a banoffee pie recently too
and before that a key lime pie.

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