Been glamping recently?



aye, out in some woods in alabama.

it was a forrest glamp


Was planning to become everything I ever hated and glamp at Glastonbury if I got tickets.

I did not get tickets.

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Have I ever told you about my mums romahome?

like the film

I was going to be a massive Tory and hire a campervan. I also did not get tickets.

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might glamp it up at my next festival

no, please do

No don’t think I did, been a while though.

She has one and it’s good. Goes camping all the time in it.

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Here’s a draft from a couple of days ago but I deleted it. If anybody has any I’d love to hear about it.

I very nearly bought one in the summer when I had a small mental breakdown. still want one.

I hope you get one or similar. It’s so good how compact everything is. We watched Gosford Park in it which is a nice memory.

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have stayed in a few now


Ok. I will ask for this question:
Can you tell me your Bothy experiences in full detail? If yes please do.

Does Europarcs count as glamping?

Yeah. About 2 years ago here:

Doesn’t really provide details of the most important facility.