Been glamping recently?



aye, out in some woods in alabama.

it was a forrest glamp


Was planning to become everything I ever hated and glamp at Glastonbury if I got tickets.

I did not get tickets.

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Have I ever told you about my mums romahome?

like the film

I was going to be a massive Tory and hire a campervan. I also did not get tickets.

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might glamp it up at my next festival

No don’t think I did, been a while though.

She has one and it’s good. Goes camping all the time in it.

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Here’s a draft from a couple of days ago but I deleted it. If anybody has any I’d love to hear about it.

I hope you get one or similar. It’s so good how compact everything is. We watched Gosford Park in it which is a nice memory.

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have stayed in a few now


Ok. I will ask for this question:
Can you tell me your Bothy experiences in full detail? If yes please do.

Does Europarcs count as glamping?

Yeah. About 2 years ago here:

Doesn’t really provide details of the most important facility.

That’s the toilet Eps

Yes I did have to get up in the night to pee but thankfully the moon and stars were overbearingly bright so it wasn’t that much of an issue.


my mate has suggested glamping for the christmas party this year (as opposed to hiring out an air BnB or booking a room or something.

I won’t be going, obviously.