Been "in a flap" lately?

Please use this thread to talk about times you have been “in a flap” in the last 10-12 days

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when a small child threw up on the floor in the hall at my son’s birthday party, which had been running for approximately 15 minutes. Was ‘flapping’ about trying to find cleaning products

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I used to be really flappy, but I’ve calmed down a lot due to a combination of life experience and sweet, sweet anti-anxiety medication (currently under threat in a no-deal Brexit scenario)


Just last week, I lost my work card. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, because when I get in, the ‘card access only’ functionality has been disabled.

HOWEVER, on Tuesdays, I cycle in early! And I need the card to get in AND to access the underground bike park as well!!

I searched high and low for my card but couldn’t find it!! I had to be in early because of a meeting!!! What do do? Oh what to do?

I woke my wife up, kept looking in the same 2 or 3 locations and then decided to cycle in regardless. FORTUNATELY, upon arrival, I only had to wait 5 minutes before someone I knew turned up and let me in. What a relief.

Just this morning, I was chatting to my son in the spare room and I looked down on the bed and my work card was there!!!

I asked my son if he had seen it beforehand and he said yes.


Many happy returns to your son.


Remember when Flappy Bird was a popular game?

I do remember that!, yes!

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Your son sounds like a ledge


How long ago was @anon29812515’s #flapgate?

Always in a flap. Of particular note lately was on Friday when I lost my way and got very anxious about this. I also think it was earlier that day when I literally was having to flap my hands about as a calming mechanism.

No but I’m sat next to a huge row right now, someone just said they were going to smash the other persons head in. Sat like 20cms from them on a bench, pretty awkward. Will live blog.

Yikes, be careful!

It’s quite civil in a strange way. Think it’s about a building job gone wrong, there’s a middle man (lawyer maybe). Guess they’ve met in a busy cafe so it doesn’t get out of hand.

“Declan was managed off the job, and now its blew up”

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Oh plot twist, Declan has just asked Matthew to leave the meeting. That’s not gone down well.


Dec: “I was not prepared for the level of aggression from Luke.”


(Sets up my court reporter typewriter)

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Matt and Luke! Need to look up and see if its Goss brothers

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I’m very invested in this

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I can’t answer that

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This is pretty much my job, so it’s fun to see it playing out in real life!

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