Been in Game recently?

Just been in for the first time since before lockdown. Half the shop is board games and toys now. Same as HMV.


I went to HMV on Saturday and its full of foreign snacks now

I went to Foreign Snacks Ltd. Tuesday and all they were selling were vacuum cleaners


I noticed that the other day when I went in, worked on me though cos I bought a Bulbasaur plush toy.

cant remember the last time I bought a computer game from Game


What were you after?

Video games


Yeah they have those pocko things or whatever they’re called

You’ve got to go through sports direct to get in game in leeds now. No chance I’m risking anyone seeing me going in sports direct

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It’s occasionally amusing to buy something from there as I still have my game card from University, and it amazes the staff.

I went in 3 weeks ago to look at Pokémon plushies. If they’d had a Poliwhirl I might have bought him. They didn’t

I would 100% buy a Poliwhirl if I ever saw one. sort it out Game!

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Well thanks to musing on this thread’s title I just lost The Game.

I saw them flogging Kit Kats for 12 quid

It’s quite clear that nerds love snacks.

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How dare y…

I am a nerd.

Went to Maplins yesterday, I got a big bag of loose screwdriver heads and an elderly woman offered me a quest to find her lost sheep


Sorry thought I’d linked to the thread not just a post :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Bts merch, pocky and pokemon themed snacks??? Looks like i need to visit my local hmv

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