Been invited to a stag do


however, there may be a stumbling block. there always is!

chap has asked me to set up messenger to get involved with arrangements, or something. asked what messenger…and he sent me a link to some sort of facebook nonsense.

he keeps asking me if I’ve set it up yet and I just say ‘aye man, all over it’

firstly - I don’t really understand why we have to set up groups for stuff like that. just tell me where to meet and I’ll see you there. not one for chatting endlessly about different hotels etc. I’m not really that guy, to be honest.

secondly - um…I ain’t…and will never be on facebook!

so - how do I get around this. is there a way of getting on this messenger shit WITHOUT being on fb? or should I just suck it up like a true friend and just get the fucking thing?

torn on this one, guys



Tell your boy to do a WhatsApp group instead, dunno what he’s playing at thinking Messenger is the group chat of choice in this day and age.


Think you can just download the Facebook Messenger app. You might need a Facebook account, but you’d never have to login / use it.

If you didn’t want to do the organising, why did you say yes? Are you the best man? Someone has to sort the hotels and shit, but bollocks to doing it myself.


I had a similar thing earlier in the year – everything was organised on whatsapp, which I don’t use. I only heard about what was happening in bits and pieces, and it properly fucked me off. I should have just gotten involved. I’d say sign up for a bit, then get rid of it after the stag.


Just message me individually because I’m such a special important snowflake. Just get facebook and stop being a paedo. Or tell the stag that whatsapp’s much better for group chats and to stop being a paedo


If he’s a good friend, set yourself up a throwaway account, join the group and sit quietly until others have decided what you’re doing. Ditch the account once the stag-do is over. Sorted.

If he’s not that good a friend and your anti-Facebook identity is that important to you, just say so, and ask if they can just email you details once they’ve decided. You might get uninvited and a reputation as a troublesome sort, but their opinion isn’t that important to you anyway.


I don’t think this is particularly fair, man. I just don’t want to be involved in all the inevitable bullshit chat.


mute it, and occassionally check in on it


I’m not doing any organising. I think he wants me to be involved in some capacity though. ie - talking about things to do etc.


he lives in Lowestoft, man. nuff said, huh


I’d suck it up and do it. Nothing worse than being hands off and then finding out you owe 500 bananas for some wank boys holiday to Benidorm.


Why’s he want you to set up a message group though? Surely his first port of call should be them tell you what message group to join?


Going to have to coordinate hats for the wedding, too.


As I understand, he’s just asked him to set up a messenger account. So he can then be added to the existing group chat.


Exactly, you don’t want 2 Mad Hatters do you, it’d look ridiculous.


you must stand strong in the fight against this imperial facebook aggression. Only in this stance can you be true to yourself and make sure you don’t get emails every time someone tags you in a post.

just get the details off someone and show up at the airport, like what’s up?


Oh, right. Apologies @bird, I misunderstood.


Pretty sure you can join Messenger with just a phone number these days, no need to set up a fb account


think I’m gonna call him and suggest the wahtsapp thing. tell him to contact @Antpocalypsenow if there are any issues with this


Safe :thumbsup: