Been keeping this close to my chest but I’m only one round away from making the Bingo World Cup

If I finish in the top four of the nationals this weekend I’m off to Krakow.


If you win I’ll throw you a Gala.

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I would have thought the finals would be held in Mecca?

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Non-muslims are banned from entering the city of Mecca, so they are unable to hold it there.

have you bingoing to a lot of qualifiers

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I’d bet my house on you winning

Which round are you missing? I think @AQOS typically goes for a group stage, then round of 16, quarters, semis and the final. With a wildcard entry at the round of 16. I’m sure he’d be happy to help you get this up and running once the Cheese one has finished.


I’ll Krakowt the champers

Big fan of this post