Been looking at manhole covers a lot more recently



Saw one by Barbican this morning that said York on it.

Fucking Corbyn.


There is one Peckham designed by Antony Gormley.


Stanton Warrior! \m/


I enjoy this sentence…


He did most of the street furniture in Bellenden Road when they spruced it up about a decade ago.


So have I HYG. The previous owners of our house had covered up a manhole slap bang in the middle of the garden with topsoil and grass. Now we are relandscpaing everything, I’ve been pondering what to do with it.

Maybe this:

Gardening Thread

Just make a nice feature of it. Maybe put a statue of Corbyn on top.


We have looked at putting something on top of it, but it just won’t work, position-wise.

It may be that we decide not to have a grass lawn, and instead go for thyme or camomile, which we can train over the top of it.


I’d love to look at your manhole