been looking into how to set up a Discourse forum

managed to get a one set up, think i’m going to try and make one for people with neurodiversity conditions to discuss special interests/hyperfixations, and resources for getting diagnosis and discussions on treatment and stuff (if any of the ND thread crew want to get involved give me a shout, not at the trust level to get into the thread).

Anyway I thought it would be useful if DiS ever needs a lifeboat in future, or anyone else interested in setting up forums for their interests, it is actually really easy to set up. You just go here:

Click ‘create discourse droplet’ and then select the size you want, the $14 a month option is recommended for ‘large’ forums (that’s 40gb, but if you go up to the hundreds it’s like $60). Don’t know how views factor in, imagine dis has a lot of legacy search engine optimisation and stuff, but $14 is supposed to be adequate for large forums.

They give you $200 to start out so no real risk. All you need as well as that is a domain and email service (like mailgun) which costs a few pounds a year. The only slightly tricky bit is fiddling with DNS records, and configuring the email, but the whole thing was about as hard as installing retropie on my raspberry pi. Just need to re-watch another youtube about the SSL stuff but seems pretty straightforward

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hello redacted, hope you’re good :blush:


good thanks, chose a username to make it hard to talk about me. hope everyones good