Been mystified lately?

I asked someone to send me a link to a file I need to download. They sent me a word doc attached to an email with just the link in it.



It’s a really boring driving anecdote so I’ll spare the details, but a guy on the other side of the road to me and trying to do something stupid screamed at i) the driver in front of me, ii) me, and iii) the driver behind me while trying to do the stupid thing.

I was mystified by how many people he would need to disagree with before considering that maybe he was the one in the wrong.

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Still a banger of an album, that.


Literally the first thing that popped into my head, and will probably be there all day


That email sounds a bit


i’ve got stupify by disturbed stuck in my head. done myself there.

It isn’t finished…

…it’s finished :clown_face:

:sweat_smile: :laughing:


Heard someone at work say “I can’t invite him to the meeting because he’s not in my address book” and they the person they were speaking to then said “you just add the email in the to bit of the meeting” and they were like “really? No idea you could do that”

First of all if you didn’t know and thought you can only invite people who were in your address book, why didn’t you just add them to the address book?
Thirdly this person is a spanner


Covered a shift at family business a few days ago. During the day I heard that chef kicking up a massive fuss that he’d written out the new food specials but no one had put them up on the chalk board. Four days ago he wrote the list out apparently. Four days of not selling whatever they were and that he’d had to throw out some stuff. Didn’t think to actually point it out to any of the other ten people that work there all week, or walk the 20 yards from kitchen to bar to hand it to someone though. Guy’s a mysterious fucking bellend typical chef.

Had an Uber driver who couldn’t use the sat nav.

I mean WTAF? Kept asking me if he was going the right way and I just directed him using the map on his phone on dashboard that his Uber app was displaying.

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No, but I’ve been bemused on several occasions and perplexed at least once in the last few weeks.

I’d rather they didn’t use sat bag! It always sends them the longest way

I can verify the Uber app was taking the most direct route. I just use Sat Nav as the generic term for using the phone to direct you.

Would you even say “nonplussed”? You strike me as a man comfortable with the proper use of that word

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That seems to be one of those words that has two, almost opposite, meanings:



  1. so surprised and confused that one is unsure how to react.
    “Henry looked completely nonplussed”

  2. North American informal
    not disconcerted; unperturbed.

boss has been forwarding me emails that i’m already copied in on


yeah that’s what i’ve started doing

got a “???” in response. yeah, mate “???” indeed


Yeah the second is just natural evolution of the language I guess because obviously it sounds like not plussed? It’s common with younger people in the UK too.

There’s someone who works here that does that and also says “did you see that email?” About 2 seconds later