Been on any good funiculars


Sorry to hear that x

That one in Barcelona and that

Good craic

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The one in Porto is good


Did it really? How come?

One in Slovenia circa 2011 is the best I’ve got for you

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the one in Barcelona really puts the ‘fun’ in ‘funicular’

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Are you feeling ok? You’ve turned a funicular


not for a while

last one was in wellington i think?

I use this joke whenever in proximity of a funicular and it is a guaranteed no laugher.

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Watched one do it’s funicularing in Prague last year, but had no call to use it.

Shame that, no Rotunda and no Leas Lift = Not quite sure what Folkestone even is any more.

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Going to Porto in a month or so, will definitely check it out

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Aberystwyth had a great one that went up the mountain.

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I’ve done the Funchal funicular, double the fun.


Porto and San Sebastian are good ones, there’s the one inside the Urbis too, but I can’t remember having been on others.

Yeah San Seb is a good un, the Bilbao one wasn’t as good

went on an underground one in Val D’Isere recently, if I’m honest it was pretty terrifying, it went really fucking fast and seemed to go on forever

the best one is obviously in Budapest