Been on any good funiculars




my local funicular closed down recently :frowning:


Sorry to hear that x


That one in Barcelona and that

Good craic


The one in Porto is good


Did it really? How come?


One in Slovenia circa 2011 is the best I’ve got for you


the one in Barcelona really puts the ‘fun’ in ‘funicular’


Are you feeling ok? You’ve turned a funicular

Funicular tourism

not for a while


last one was in wellington i think?


I use this joke whenever in proximity of a funicular and it is a guaranteed no laugher.


the braking system was deemed ‘unreliable and prone to failure’ and they haven’t been able to secure funding to make to necessary repairs/upgrades.

it was closed quite a lot last year for refurbishment and so on as well.


Watched one do it’s funicularing in Prague last year, but had no call to use it.


Shame that, no Rotunda and no Leas Lift = Not quite sure what Folkestone even is any more.


Going to Porto in a month or so, will definitely check it out


oh, we’re rebranding as an artsy hipster retreat in much the same vein as all the coastal towns in thanet. :+1:




Aberystwyth had a great one that went up the mountain.


(this is slightly unfair of me, there’s quite a lot of good stuff happening here, and i reap quite a few of the benefits of the arts-led regeneration. but there are also quite a lot of unbearable london art twats who appear at weekends, though.)