Been thinking a lot recently about how uninspiring Scandinavian cuisine is

Really uninspiring

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make ur mind up m8

How many people realise that a smörgåsbord in Sweden is just a plate of open topped sandwiches.

Obviously not had Gravadlax

Do Scandinavians have pies?

I’ve been to Sweden seven or eight times and I have very little memory of the food, which seems to back up the position taken here. The only thing I can remember is brown beans with smoked sausage and some kind of dumpling. And reindeer with a sauce made of lingonberry. That’s it. I must have eaten other things but… can’t remember.

Only had Pokemon Blue, think he was second gen.


Having Norwegian relatives was a nightmare when I was younger. Their cuisine is fucking puke-o. Fortunately they have modernised and when I go there now it is fine. Decent breakfasts and of course Gjetost is the fucking shit.

Swedish meatballs are overrated

What are the top five meatball countries would you say?

  1. Italy
  2. Sweden

I’ve yet to try any others

What about a deep fried chicken sphere from the world of Chinese cuisine?

It is a ball and it is meat.

Spain know what they’re doing when it comes to meatballs.


Scandinavians pies
Bloodshot eyes
Realise we all born to die

While chicken is a meat I would not consider a chicken ball a meatball, it doesn’t make sense but that’s the way it is

Lived in Denmark for a year, still have no fucking clue what the cuisine actually is. Nobody ever really mentioned it cos it was so dull and generally would offer other countries’ stuff. They’re absolutely mad for rye bread though, which I can fully endorse.

skillingsboller 4 lyf

smörgåstårta Is somewhat inspiring

Love the smorrebrod. Yes it’s just a sandwich without a lid, but what a sandwich!


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Pal of mine lives in Sweden and says Easter eggs are cardboard shells full of liquorice

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