Been thinking about becoming a milkman...

Y’know, one of these annoying modern type milkman who middle-aged Lib Dem voters seem to like because they’ve watched a bit too much Countryfile.

Been weighing it up. You can do 3-6 regular shifts a week. Hours roughly 11pm-7am. Get to take the van home so no travel costs.

Money would be okay…ish. Looks around £27k based on five shifts a week. They cover your NI, you pay your own tax as a self-employed driver, so probably clear just under £2k a month.

Might get robbed, stoved in or kidnapped, like.

  • Is this a terrible idea?
  • Has anyone on here got any experience of doing similar?
  • Mildly related anecdotes?


Not a milkman but I went on a speed date and chatted to a postman who LOVED his job. He might actually have been recruiting or something but he really sold it to me. Said he just had loads of fresh air walking around listening to his tunes for a couple of hours and then would get home and have a whole afternoon to do whatever he pleased. Milkman seems like a similar tip, I reckon go for it.

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Yeah, lots of posties seem to love it.

I did it for a while. The pay was alright, but fuck me it was hard work. Main gripe was if the weather was too nice you’d end up with arse rash every day. Other days it’d piss down. Plus the dogs.

like the idea of something like this. can imagine it’s quite stress free.

issue with this one though would be those times. when would you sleep? don’t think I could.