Been watching a HBO drama called Sharp Objects...

Incredible. One of the best things I’ve seen. Pretty dark stuff, like, but some extraordinary performances, even Amy Adams.

Anyone seen it?

(Only five episodes in, so no major spoilers).


It’s unreasonably good, one of the best TV shows I have ever watched and I won’t spoiler anything for you except to say that it stays quality right to the end.

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I did accidentally read that there’s a huge twist or thing in the finale. Given that there isn’t a second series I’m just sort of assuming she murders everyone, or is maybe outed as doing some awful stuff. Pretty suspicious of the dad/stepdad character, as well.

Just felt really drawn to the main character right from the off. Even the scenes of her just driving and listening to music felt really compelling to me. Knew it was going to be great within a minute or two.

The younger sister is scary as fuck.


Ive read the book of this and really enjoyed it, proper page turner. Really want to see the series with hearing lots of good things but can’t see it on any of the streaming services ive got.:pensive:

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I hyped it in the recent HBO thread - it’s fucking great

I watched it on NowTV. They do a specific TV package which includes HBO and Sky Atlantic stuff for £9.99 a month. Sometimes they have half price deals, so it’s a fiver, and no contract.

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same very much liked the book, never seen the show

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Oh nice! Ill have a look, might do just a month to watch Sharp Objects/as much else as I can :joy:

Have you read Gone Girl? By the same author.

Nope but I have seen the film of that

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The sound system that Adams’ stepdad has…you’re talking $50,000 worth of kit there. WOW!


Theres loads more in the book that doesnt make it to the film, though the film is v good still. Worth a read for sure if you enjoyed Sharp Objects.

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Loved this! Bought the book because I was so desperate to see what happened next and watching it an episode a week was torture. Both were great but I think I preferred the series for a change, it made the deeper impression.

Really liked this.

yeah i loved it

the guy who directed it also did big little lies which is also really good and has laura dern in it which is important


Yeah this was really good but I can’t remeber how it ended. Maybe time for a rewatch.

Big Little Lies is kickass, I desperately wanted another season of it but what there was is phenomenal


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I know it’s hard to believe.