Been watching a lot of Fresh Prince of Bel Air recently

Surprisingly under-rated show isn’t it

Really great


Still sing the theme tune or bits of it on a fairly regular basis.

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Used to absolutely blag my way through the ‘license-plate-said-fresh-and-it-had-dice-in-the-mirror’ bit in the pre-Google days


Rewatched it a few years ago, it holds up

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Odd how Will Smith has gone from this proper beloved talented guy to a bit of a naff almost joke

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There’s that The Fresh Prince of Bel Air: The Return coming soon isn’t there

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Might ask if I can use work’s Adobe Premiere to edit this actually

Fuck it

Ask for forgiveness not permission

Thsts the fresh Prince way

Absolutely unnecessary imo

I think I remember watching the gritty trailer remake it’s based on and at no point did I think that it could form the basis for a full scale reboot

Get David Lynch directing all the episodes though and co writing them with Mark Frost though and now we’re talking lad


It’s so good, one of the few shows my whole family liked and could sit down and watch. It was also really nice too to see a positive portrayal of a black family on TV which was very unusual for its time


Does a brilliant job of mixing comedy and serious issues too, sometimes in a dead subtle way. Watched one today where Will and Carlton get pulled over by cops for being black and it was so well done

Is it streaming anywhere? Might watch them all


Classic tv. Never really understood the sniffiness towards it.

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That’s why it seems like such a pointless choice to do a gritty drama reboot - kind of undermines what the original did, and goes down that “comedy can’t be serious drama” thing

Maybe I’m wrong tho, who knows


It seems odd as well cause Will Smith is the Fresh Prince. No one can ever play it as well as him or ever would have, very odd

funniest character

  • Geoffrey
  • Will
  • Carlton
  • Uncle Phil
  • Jazzy Jeff
  • Vivian
  • Vivian 2
  • Hilary

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We watched a load of it during lockdown 1. Just wanted comfort food from us childhoods, but it was surprisingly brilliant. The jokes, the acting, the writing, it’s an all round banger.

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Poor ashley


poor Hilary! no votes so far. She’d usually have a classic one-liner in each episode.

BBC iplayer I think

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