🍺 Be(e)rmondsey Beer Mile 🍺



Heading out for some post-work beers tonight fam. Never been to Bermondsey before, what pub should I be starting in?


None of the places on the beer mile will be open today afaik.


But good places in Bermondsey - Simon the Tanner, The Other Room.


The Rake’s got a good selection.


Wave at me as I cycle through Bermondsey home.



Not really Bermondsey though, is it?


Fuck going anywhere called The Rake pal.


The places on the beer mile are working breweries, they generally only open their taprooms on weekends and Friday evenings.


I’ll go full London marathon style, ‘GO ON NIKI, YOU CAN DO IT!’


Ah balls. Not to worry, still some nice boozers round there right?


Simon the Tanner is part of Mother Kellys, I really like it. The Other Room is very small but perfectly formed. On Bermondsey Street itself there’s the Woolpack, which is fine. Up towards Tower Bridge there’s the Dean Swift, a Draft House, the Anchor Tap (Sam Smiths) and a terrible Spoons (the Pommeler’s Rest).


This is interesting http://www.bartlett.ucl.ac.uk/casa/publications/working-paper-207


It’s pretty shite round there when the breweries are shut imho


FFS! This is the worst thing that has happened today.