Beer Gardens of London (LME-centric)

Which is your favourite?
Which might not be rammed on a sweltering Saturday afternoon when most sane people have gotten out of London for the weekend?

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Is it too early to say tinnies in the park?

On a serious, and may be rammed , but I used to live over the road from the crooked Billet e5 which was always good craic


The Drayton Court in West Ealing has a fucking massive beer garden. The drawback is that you have to go to West Ealing, then be in West Ealing, until you leave.

Yeah. Probably end up in Regent’s Park.

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New Cross centric, The Rose and The New Cross House both have ace beer gardens :+1:

There are a couple of decent beer gardens around but I would imagine they’ll be rammed! The Edinboro Castle isn’t far from Regent’s Park and might be worth a look: