Beer Wankers 2020

I’ll kick off the new thread for 2020 with my Christmas haul:

6x bottles of Harvey’s from the other half’s patents
3x bottles from a brewery called Pope’s Yard (never heard of them but one of them won a CAMRA award for something
4x misc cans including two from the Beer+Art series, and a seaweed gose

Alright lads. Fancy a Carling?


Had this tonight. It was alright.

Reckon Big Rick would be into it.

The seaweed gose is made by them. I’ve got a massive beer backlog though, so don’t expect an update to soon

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I’ll have them

Love this beer. @Unlucky whats the NEIPA rating on this one?

Had this at a wedding, absolutely cracking 12% Boundary stout - right into my top 3 coffee beers


You can’t say ‘top three coffee beers’ and not tell us the others!

Pressure Drop Affogato is the best coffee beer I’ve had :yum:

This was proper gorgeous. Solid 9/10 beer.


16th in the White IPA category.

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Was pretty ill over Xmas so having quite a boozy new year. Had this Lervig x Other Half on NYE and was pretty disappointed. Cost nearly 10 quid.

Was going to lay off the beer this weekend before going back to work, but went to Tate Britain and ended up in Zeitgeist afterwards. Dry January is genuinely not possible in this city.


All my drinking buddies are going to brewdenell next weekend and have added me to a WhatsApp group so they can tell me the beers their having in revenge of me sending them pics of my travels and laughing at them being in work.
I don’t think it’s fair.

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Also can’t be arsed with beer rating sites everyone’s a miserable prick. Even worse than music.

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1.5/5 post


Cross-posting with another thread to talk more here:

W&T Milkshake stout I have been wanting to try forever, I think it was one of the first recommendations I got from here and I haven’t found it until now. Got the Belgian red everyone here seems to have had to try. Wild Sourdough I have had my eye on for a while because I want to try more non-fruited sours. Most of the rest are just to satiate my appetite for stouts rn.


I still don’t really know what saison is but I am drinking a ‘hay saison’ by Galway Bay called Hooi Hooi which is decent

That’s all I have to say about that

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hay flavoured beer, imagine

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Kinda makes sense for a saison maybe.


Imagine drinking hay juice. Unthinkable.

Lots of pun potential though, probably more important than taste.