Beer Wankers 2020

Really doesn’t taste quite like any other fruit right?

No, it’s a little like other dark berries, but it’s a bit sweeter maybe

Ah that’s a shame but I remember it not being great last year. pilot’s strawberry basil is good though


Missed out on the honeyberry one but sounds like some good stuff coming from vault city next weekend.

  • Pineapple Habanero
  • Rhubarb & Ginger Sour
  • Sweet Cherry Bakewell Sour
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Already got the bakewell because I’m an impatient fuck, but the other two sound so so good as well. Always looking for chilli sours (and I don’t think they quite nailed it with their previous attempts so there’s room to grow), and ginger is one of my fav flavours in general. Had a real good ginger sour from Dugges a while back so, high hopes

Lovely sunday afternoon sour this.

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Nice glass

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Don’t think I’ve ever had a chili sour but I like Habaneros. Always like anything with Rhubarb though.

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Did they do a mango chilli sour fairly recently (this year)?

Yeah they did it originally a little while back, then I think a rebrew of it this year and then a super limited mango coconut chilli variation that the bar stopped serving about 10 minutes before I got there :expressionless:

I wasn’t a fan of the original. But then again, as much as I like chilli, there are very few chilli beers I like. Most of them impies tbf

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Ditto on all points, I think Stone Xcozvaza (spelling??) or the Wander Beyond ones have been my fav chilli beers

The magic rock de molè for me. Track did one a couple of years ago that was really good. But there’s such a fine line between good and far too much chilli

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Magic Rock’s Punchline chipotle porter was great if you could find it on cask. As with most of their more interesting beers though it seems to have been consigned to history since the buyout.

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I remember ordering that in a pub just thinking it was a stout and being very shocked by the chilli flavour. Was excellent though.

Just got these two out of the freezer after forgetting about them and going out for 3 hours :grimacing:

Cracked the Verdant and it seems fine, phew.

Had a lovely litre of Canopy Snapper IPA in the park earlier too


Didnt like the coffee one. Haven’t drank the newer ones yet. Thought their All Together was good.

I’ve only had a few of the Vocation session IPAs for the last month so have ordered these to go with my first Tool box.

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taking the cold chain thing a bit far I see