Beer Wankers 2020

Mines LHG loads of breweries did a version


Got a couple discounted American sours - the Almanac was bottled in 2015 damn

Happy Birthday!

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Had the LHG one a few weeks ago - it’s banging.

Happy birthday. What fridge is it? I’m gonna ask Santa for one

Got this really good new continental lager on the go

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That ofs017 is ridiculously drinkable for a 6% mega hazy boy

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Says she got it from Argos (Omnipollo sticker not included)

That 7 crystals for psychic abilities and intuition by pressure drop is great
Chewy as fuck dipa but really really easy drinking for 8.5

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Happy birthday for yesterday!

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Real good PB&J stout from Greece. Wasn’t even too sweet

Seven Islands stouts are top notch :+1:

Yeah a lot of their others looked very appealing, but think this is the only one I’ve come across in person

Oh, hello…


… yes?

I’m Too Sweeting you.


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you buyin?

Is this really legit? other half london seems…unlikely, but welcome!