Beer Wankers 2020

No tracking (ordered by email, paid over the phone), though I emailed to ask earlier.

*no Track-ing

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I work for the NHS.

wot have u done

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Am I being trolled? Registered with my NHS email address and no discount applied. pls

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Discount is only on the Cloudwater stuff I think.

Edit: Plus looks like you have to enter “cloudwaterlovesnhs” as a discount code.

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Ooh, that worked. Absolute GBOL.


Amazing. I’m not overly familiar with Irish breweries. Have heard of White Hag. Any others on that list that I should be aware of?

On that list Rascals are worth a shout for modern stufff, Mescan do great Belgian inspired beer and I have also enjoyed Ballykilcavan’s recent pales. Best thing to do is actually go to craft central as suggested and fill a cart with beer from Whiplash, O Brother, Trouble, Kinnegar, Dot and of course White Hag who you know and are probably my favourite Irish Brewery other then Diaego of course.

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More from Morrison’s


Glad to hear it! :blush:

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Love Whiplash so I do, they do some great stuff

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a gose in a super market

excuse me what the fuck

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Technically a food hall and not a supermarket, but M&S have stocked Salty Kiss for ages so not entirely new ground.

More supermarket sours and goses would be a very welcome thing though.

Just cracked a can of Mad Squirrel’s De La Gateau and it’s really meeting those milk stout needs right now :heart_eyes:


Just had my first Broken Dream. Delicious.


And there was that Fourpure Coastline, a sour rather than a gose, available in Tesco’s last big release. Also those Magic Rock Berry Kiss and Rhubarb Kiss from Waitrose’s craft festival, as well as Sleeping Lemons there in the core range.

Moar sours and gose pls


Both supporting local business and submitting to peer pressure.

Also ordered a growler from Hidden Lane but it hasn’t arrived yet.


Had to go buy some essentials but snuck in 3 Kernel IPAs for £6.50 at the Costcutter. Only a few weeks old. Yes please.

Look at it!