Beer Wankers 2021

Nearly got through all the balcony beers…

Happy New Years Beer Wankers! What are we looking forward to in 2021? Any big calls? Will craft beer wankery even exist this time next year? Let’s find out!


Really pissed off that i can’t just go into Little Leeds Beer or Raynville just to have a look at the beers and i’ve got to order them online.
Beer shops are my book shops


Yeah, my local place says that technically it’s still open as its classed as essential but it has asked people to use click and collect where possible. Nothing beats a good browse though.

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Yep, same here. I mean, how am I choosing off of this?

They’re a gbol, but that is one shit website

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saw that Hop Burns & Black are waking the week off while is understandable (if annoying for me) but it’s fine cuz I can go next week as I’m now not back in work until next Friday anyway so

Ah yeah, I’m lucky that the WIB site is decent


might have a beer tonight tbh

also think I’ll still be going to my local bottle shop, but will make sure i get 5-6 at a time rather than going in to browse and come out with a can or two like I used to do. Though still have a big backlog so, don’t have to go for a week or two probs

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That reminds me, little Leeds still owe me a refund for a smashed bottle of Tegernsee

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I was intending to clear my small stockpile before I went back to work but I have about twelve beers left in the cupboard/ fridge before I take some time off beer.

I’ll update you when I decide I need more beer next week.

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Just got my first order of 2021 in this morning - fairly excessive load of things from Pomona Island. Have pretty much got one of most of the tins on their site right now, plus a sharing bottle of a red wine sour.

Really excited to work my way through these after some of the recommendations on here and nose around on Untappd. Off the top of my head, think I’ve got 18 different things to try! A good start to the year (notwithstanding anything else going on right now).

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It’s not quite KBS (possibly less racist though)

Decided to restock while payday is still fresh in the memory. Tbf, what’s going on in America would have made me do this if I hadn’t been thinking about it.


Anybody got any red ale recommendations?

The Pressure Drop stout is superb


Ooh, nice. With a bit of luck it’ll be here by the weekend n all…

Is 5am Saint any good still? :sweat_smile:

Unless of course you mean Flanders red


I went through my untappd, and all I could find that I’d recommend were Flanders reds. The vast majority of red ales I’ve had over the years were shite


Yeah that’s pretty exactly what happened to me lol.

Funnily enough I just started reading a book about American sour beers which features Jolly Pumpkin heavily who I couldn’t remember if I’d had before, and then via this question and untappd realised I’d had their Flanders red style in Brewdog Norwich, January 2017 and it immediately came back to me how great it was. What a mental place to find it though, BD might be rotters but man they’ve imported some great stuff in their time.

Yeah, finding Hill Farmstead, almanac, modern times, whatever in their bars was always good. Haven’t been in a bar of theirs for a long while though. Noticed I had this in a BD bar though

Would love to try this again and score it properly