Beer Wankers 2021

Sound the Tiny Rebel alarm


Really impressed with this Unity. Lovely taste. Anyone had it? Is the odd but nice flavour due to the “unfiltered, unfined, unpasteurised”?

I had a Verdant Don’t Tell Gus DIPA before this one. Ok but nothing too good for my novice palate.

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Most craft beer is this so I doubt that’s the defining characteristics. It reads like it’s a modern version of British trad cask beer?

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I’m still learning the rope on craft beer. It certainly has an interesting taste I haven’t tasted before.

Oh of course, what are you tasting can you describe? I’ll need to look for it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, it’s something akin to Bengal Lancer or similar

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Haven’t had it but I get the idea :slightly_smiling_face:

Tbh, I wasn’t the biggest fan. Something about those old school English IPAs I find off-putting.

Well get used to it because brexit means BREXIT

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I’ve said it before and no doubt I’ll say it again, but if Bengal Lancer was ever on tap at the Basketmakers that’s what I’d be drinking (in the evening, that is - I’m not drinking 5%+ beers at lunchtime, I’m not a monster)

I find a massive difference between that beer on cask and in bottles though.

Same can be said of most cask beer in my experience. It’s probably that that held me back from getting into craft

Anyway, going back to collabs, I see there’s a Verdant x Burning Sky DIPA released today. Looks like you can only buy it in a six pack from Verdant, and it’s cheaper if you buy from Burning Sky (who have got 10% off if you buy 15 cans)

They’re two slightly different beers one brewed by each I think

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Oh yeah

WE Are The People is not the same as We ARE The People.


Got some ‘cupboard essentials’ and a couple of treats.

got some real silly things arriving from Beer Merchants and Trembling Madness soon


Birthday treat has arrived


Bianca tastic.

Had a 4th in there too but thought that was overkill/actually want some weird things left to have in pubs when we’re doing that again!

Said before I don’t think the American hype juice is worth the money but thought I should at least try one before ruling them out