Beer Wankers 2021

Back on the Vibrant Forest.

Could this be the year I get into dark beers?


I’ve had this for a few weeks wondering when to open it as it’s a strong one. Finally opened. It’s a 13.4%.


I really like Hammerton.

Their Black Forest Gateaux one was one of my favourites last year.

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A regular easy going Saturday night in the olden days was a visit to Hammerton Taproom and The Hemingford Arms.

I like Hammerton’s peanut butter stout. Can’t have two of them in a go but one is pretty good.

there was a beefed-up 9% version of the PB one out lately, sadly I missed it

I have no interest in peanut butter anything but I buy anything I can find by them.

This was :call_me_hand:


I’ve one can of Behind Door 3 left and I’ll save that for a special night (whatever that is).

I’ve opened this and it’s bloody good. A huge thanks for @badmanreturns for the heads up about the Pressure Drop glasses. I saw they’re sold out on their website already.


Sick! Enjoy being a Full Kit Wanker :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


So far, slowly getting through my Pomona order, id put them as a very good brewery but definitely not right at the top level. Often lack a little wow factor imho

But I still have a black sour DIPA to try so might entirely change my mind tomorrow!

I just worked my way through a lot of theirs and agree. Mostly solid, a couple tipped towards very nice, a couple slightly below par. The sour DIPA was one of the better ones I thought, if a little odd.

I’ve jumped on the Staggeringly Good bandwagon and so far finding them similarly ‘fine’. Had the Velocirapture NEIPA last night which I didn’t think was particularly good. The Double Hugs DIPA was better though, and currently on the Souropod which I’m enjoying.

Yeah don’t want to be overly harsh - I’d happily have them any day and will always be on the look out if they try a new thing. But they just haven’t jumped up to my top tier A-level, when I thought this order might push them up there

I was very slightly disappointed truth be told. Was super excited by the range on offer and everything sounded great on paper, but only a few stood out.

I think they’re a fair way off that top tier, but they’re solid and like you I’d happily drink their beers again, I just wouldn’t actively seek them out or push them to others.

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I emailed Vault City as their international deliveries are closed atm but surprisingly they’re going to post to NI so I’m going to try and get some of that Irn Bru sour when it goes on sale. As it’s free delivery over £25, has anyone got any recommendations for their other stuff? Not had any before. Currently thinking of Strawberry Skies and Tayberry Sour

Heard really good things about strawberry skies, but I’ve been soured (wahey) by my experience with them last year, so won’t order direct from them again


Strawberry Skies is one of their classics, so definitely that. Haven’t had the OJ SIPA, but the last SIPA they did with added orange was vv good. Tayberry is lovely and SIPA V3, while my least favourite of the series, is still a very good example of the style.

They also have a new release coming out later this week so keep an eye out for what that is. I’ve not been fussed by their session sours so far, but the new grapefruit one still intrigues me.

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Strawberry Skies is incredible, wasn’t a big fan of the OJ IPA though

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The OJ IPA was nice, but not as good as the SIPAs

@hesastopsiiiiign as JP says, you really can’t go far wrong with them. Just get what sounds nice


What was the issue? Was it delivery related? With things as shaky as they are for pretty much any delivery to NI at the minute that might put me off

Basically, they were really busy with orders at the beginning of lockdown and my order was missed in a printing error, took my money and didn’t send the product out. Managed to get them to admit fault, give me a refund and a replacement, but it took about a month. They soon shut production for a while to sort the issues. No contact from them at all, in the end, I go then via insta and had to remind them that if they knew of the fault, a little bit of communication wouldn’t go amiss. Had to chase via DHL, who had gone to collect the order but never received it. Bit of a shambles tbh and not one I’m really willing to go through again

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