Beer Wankers 2021

Master of Malt crew, arise! One #2 for me thanks (absolutely don’t need any more beer but too late)


2 for me as well cheers

Uh what’s the catch with these???

They’re old stock (all from 2016-18, probably from the Bottle Shop’s stock when they went under), but they’re barrel aged sours, so they’ll be absolutely fine


Yeah most of mine were 2017 iirc

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All but one of my bruery ones were 2017, think one was 16, the wicked weed and goose Island stuff was 2018

3 would be great too, especially the tequila aged one, but I don’t need 4 more 750 bottles

If anything some of them might even be better


Very tempted by 3

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I’ve still got 3 750 left from last time

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Just 1 for me but still got one of those silly Mad Scientist big blended stouts too

Oh shit I might have to get one of these. I shouldn’t, but those are big bargains for such deep cuts

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Gah, tempting! Just as premierhop have got a ton of interesting (and pricy) stuff in too…

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Having an Overworks kombeercha - sour blended with ginger lychee pepper and kombucha. Fucking delicious y’all

Also getting the new BD x Mad Scientist Berry trifle collab, so pumped for that

Is that brewdog one new? I assumed it was the one they did for collabfest the last couple of years(which was very good!)

The brewdog local to me has been brewing a collabfest with pastore so that’s one I’ll be keen to try.
Might not go for the 10 cans of stout if they offer like last year!

Just launched today and yeah a new release - Cherry and mixed Berry version I think

BERRY & CHERRY TRIFLE Imperial Pastry Sour Ale with cherry, blackcurrant, strawberry, blueberry and raspberry

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Nice, I’ll have to try and see if my local gets that, the original was very good. Although I don’t think they could open the last few days because of ‘pings’ so I may stay clear for a while…

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It’s basically a cherry yoghurt sour, eventually worked out what I was tasting

I have a baby on the way in a few months and I probably shouldn’t be spending £40 on beer, but that’s too good to pass up.

Bought the second one, will be good for celebrating with when the time comes I guess…


bought the second one too, what a bargain