Beer Wankers 2022

Happy New Year Beer Wankers!

Welcome to 2022 where I will mostly be drinking… Guinness. Let us know what else you’ve been enjoying though yeah?

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@Tuna i really liked the Philharmonic also (dad recommend it as it used to be his spot when he lived there), really lush and grand inside and think the beer was at least pretty good?

Also Black Lodge is fun for a classic mini taproom in an industrial estate vibe


Mate’s birthday is coming up next week. Anyone any thoughts on the Mikkeller, Burning Sky or Firestone offerings on this first page? Would only really go for one of the £20+ bottles if they are really exceptional as I’ve already got him something else

Go Burning Sky


Those Mikeller SD stouts are excellent if your pals a fan of adjunct stouts, they’re usually uniformly great. Baghaven are nice but poss not worth what you can get in comparison - they were brilliant value as part of the subs box tho.
Also those SD stouts are smaller than the other mostly 750ml bottles btw

As severed said, unless they’re a massive stouts only fan, I’d go with the burning sky


Even Burning Sky can do massive stouts when they fancy


More local
Not sold out/bad guys
Not overpriced but just as good in quality
Did I cover good guys


Def agree with the bad guy point, but those are fairly old releases so if you don’t buy them now it’s prob only the bottle shop losing out (who likely bought them before the full controversy was known)
Def agree on future purchases though, I’m drinking my stash then that’s it, at least until they demonstrate they’ve changed

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Aye that’s a fair point


It’s worth popping your head in cos it’s a ridiculous building, especially as it’s always only been a pub (listed toilets ffs).

But it’s essentially just a chain pub these days, and not a particularly great one

@Tuna when are you thinking of coming?

Here today. Partner wanted to see the Freud exhibition, I fancied a crate dig and a few pints!

(in the ship & mitre - spot on btw)

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Ah, bad timing, dead crafty have shut for a week

Probe records were shut too, fucked it :joy:


Cheers. He loves his stouts alright but reckon he’d be well into the Burning Sky too. Will go for that. Also if he decides to share that’s probably more up my street too.


I’m going to start that year / thread as I mean to go on, by saying:

“Burning Sky = very good”


Finishing off one set of silly sours before the next lot arrive


Spilt a bit m9

It’s a beauty this

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Quite a lot actually


RIP my beautiful boy