Beer Wankers 2022

This is a very silly bit of booze. Nice though.


Oof manage to catch the last of 10 watt moon by Verdant at Stormbird just now. Brilliant, genuinely prefer it to Putty :rofl:

I only just noticed the screen, who’s in kayfabe pain there

The 20 watt is nice too

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Aye had that too very good. I apparently haven’t checked in 40 watt but I recognize that label so much that I feel I did and forgot.

But yeah 10 watt as a sessioner is fantastic

Bloody love Brew York sweet stouts and this is no exception. Gorge


100% excellent. Not even much of a cherry fan. Incredible beer


Sammy, Sammy Saaaaaaaammy

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They had that on in the Coach and Horses yesterday. Was nice.

Whilst sat in here, my Dad and I had a realisation that the Harp might be overrated. Packed. Always feel like you’re in someones way. Average beer.

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Interesting, I’ve only been to the harp once quite recently and I liked it but know what you mean. Decent pint of Sussex Best mind

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It’s mine and my Dad’s default when we go to the west end. But it was already packed at 1pm - I think there might have been a tour of some kind happening in there actually - so we scarpered after one. My Dad said his Harveys was OK, but the selection in Coach and Horses and the Lyric was way better (cask and keg IMO).

Fun day, though. There are definitely better areas to drink in London, but there’s something about a crawl through Soho.


A story in three parts



Brewser fb group is decent for seeing what you’d get with each order

Cheers for that, just had a look. Only 4 bottles but that low key one is good value if anyone fancies some good stouts. I’ve had a couple of those in the box and they were excellent

The tartarus beers are pretty average

Ah, shame, I was thinking of going for that one soon

had a really nice night in Newcastle last week, jumped on a lot of the recommendations here from a few weeks ago (thanks Newcastle folk!) - was staying central so stuck to the pubs around there, loved the Crown Posada and Wobbly Duck in particular.

Beer highlights were cask Marble Pint (shamefully didn’t get a picture but the lacing was top notch) and the recent Alpha Delta x Nerd imp stout, incredible


And on the day of the documentary airing…


WOW. That’s err, quite big

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Glad to see they’ve taken action but lol it’s not like they weren’t warned at the time. Also good that I could have just waited a year and didn’t need to walk but I genuinely wasn’t expecting this, so fair play.