Beer Wankers 2022

Just paid £7 for this pint :roll_eyes:.

4.4% average pint…but seven blood quid.

Where and what?

Gonna guess at

Like it says on the glass :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You’re expecting those pricks to be consistent?!

No of course not. But 4.4%, expensive, in a Beavertown glass. If the shoe fits…

Something called Bones Lager. I’m at The Old Blue Last.

There’s a 20 minute queue at The Village Underground nearby for the Katy J Pearson gig. The covid pass system here tonight taking longer than usual. I’ve been here for Porridge Radio and Marie Davidson recently and it’s been a swift system before.

I thought I’d have a pint and wait for the queue to go down. I can accept a £6 pint around here but a £7 is another minor milestone for an average strength beer.

Edit - Probably the wrong place to post this but I’m inside Village Underground now. They had a system of checking your covid pass against some form of ID. Probably easy to get around if you’re that way inclined and determined but kudos to them to make it slightly more than just a “paper exercise”.

I’ll now take back some of the kudos that I’ve given them as I’ll buy a 330ml can of Estella for around £6.

Another edit and kudos returned to Village Underground. I paid £5.20 for a 440ml can of Ship Yard. “Acceptable” generally for London venues.

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Old Blue… Makes sense.

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Just had a can of Soundwave for the first time in a couple of years.

Tf happened to Siren.

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Got good at making coffee beers and neglected their core

Oh ok having watched the doc I now know why

Just spent two days in Burton and the only pints I managed to have were Cobra in an Indian restaurant and a pint of Abbot ale, fml

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Anything you can, or want to, expand on there?

Probably would feel more comfortable DMing that (extended to anyone)

If you’re comfortable, if you’re not, nay bother. Was only asking.

Good folk S43 are doing 20% off their cans right now

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Happy Burns night wankers

Fuck off with any glass comments


State of… Oh.

I don’t have anything Scottish in I have failed as a half/plastic Scot.

Have you had any of the camoervan lost in Leith barrel aged stuff? Almost but the rum stout one on Sunday

The chocolate orange stout, and apparently a Cherry one right after lockdown was lifting? But that’s all - keep nearly buying them myself too, all look good. Really want the chai one

Gone in for an impulse buy of a mixed 12… Hope it’s good stuff!

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