Beer Wankers 2022

Might get a CW mini keg delivered #day3

Do it. The North mini kegs were maybe the highlight of my isolation.

(Though drinking alcohol every day definitely exacerbated tickly throat)

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Can include my babes Jarl and Harvey’s best round for the party too

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Emergency Unity order. Ordered at 10.15, delivered at 4.30


Pint of Pollys after work

I am meeting a FRIEND for DRINKS after WORK like it is 2019 except I never really did that in 2019

If you’re wondering about the table

It’s Glenn Danzig, hugging a cat


Ooh that was a lovely “open for a surprise” moment there


Long time no see arcade tavern Ipswich. You’ve got 15 taps now

Neon raptor F U pigeon


They gave me extra treats :sob::smiley:


How much cherry taste is there? I love all things cherry flavoured and am usually disappointed by cherry beers.

It’s there, but not over powering. Adds a bit of sourness to the beer. Is more like a cherry lambic, so the tartness of the sour cherries balances out the aged saison. Asked the guys in the shop which of the 5 Burning Sky big bottles they’d recommend, to which he immediately replied that one. Said it was incredible and they aren’t making it again. Tbf to him, it was incredible.


Nice, thanks. Sounds like it’s worth a try. I’ve just looked and they have it at my local bottle shop so if it’s still there on pay day I’ll treat myself. I really like Burning Sky; my new ‘local’ has Arise on tap all the time and it’s so nice to drink.

I haven’t yet found a cherry beer I like more than the Mort Subite!

Yeah that Mort Subite is good. Arise is a cracking beer and Burning Sky would be my ATD brewery if pushed to answer that question I think. Helps living on the south coast and having their beers from the beginning I suppose

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Oh, I would struggle to answer this question! (I’m like that with favourites for everything though! :laughing: )

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Have liked all the Vault City Cherry one if any pop up or get rebrewed - and the Kernel cherry saison was delicious too

otherwise I usually feel the same as you too sadly, I wanna get slapped in the face with tart cherries!

Oh fuck yeah

Left handed giant’s dot matrix is really good if you like stouts. And yeah another vote for Kernel as above, their fruited saisons are always just so lovely

The duchesse du bourgogne cherry and cherry chocolate are both excellent

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Beak - Locals

Best Beak I’ve had I reckon. Very good


I’ve mentioned this before I think, but those cats on the can live next door to me. Also the beer is delicious


Are they good cats?