Beer Wankers 2023

Was previously Brave Sir Robin innit who was owned by… Clapton Craft?? Mother Kelly’s??? One of them

Yeah, that place. Not sure who owned it to be honest! Was on my to-visit list for ages but ever went.

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It tastes like batter. Foul.

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Jam Roly Poly pudding one: starts off tasting like Refreshers, ends with jam.

I’m into it.


Not really sure what you expected :sweat_smile:

:christmas_tree: :santa: :deer:


Does anyone have recommendations for decent places in Oxford?

Literally was just about to post my version of this photo.


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So apparently they’re moving Brick and BBNo up to Black Sheep and letting the majority of both go

Elsewhere apparently there’s a mass exodus at Fourpure and Friendship Adventure.

Stay tuned for more London Beer gossip :shushing_face:


Yeah came here to post this.

Annoyingly they’ve taken down the mixed cases, so it might just be build-your-own - so 30% off is good although not as good as it would’ve been. But still, time to get in a big box for Christmas!

(although maybe that’s to avoid people ordering them today at full price and complaining tomorrow)

The email said mixed cases and they’ve got a load of new beers launching tomorrow so optimistic guess is there will be new mixed cases

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Another DiS beer wankers exclusive is it??

Crazy news though.


Not surprising they’re leaving Fourpure. Cranking out 4 near identical beers non stop when you used to have a massive range must be soul destroying for the brewers. No idea what the tap rooms like now, was a great space and was on the beer mile last weekend but with all the choice why would any self respecting beer wanker go there, and round the back of a grimy screw fix is hardly going to be luring the tourists in


can’t even remember the last time i saw Four Pure anywhere. which is good because their beers are rank.

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Mainly in waitrose innit? Seems to be their brewdog equivalent in my local one

My local has so much brewdog shit it’s unreal

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18 identical IPAs with different names


Speaking of Waitrose, got one of these 4 packs for £6.65 which isn’t the worst thing in the world


That’s very decent! Think mine is just Fourpure, Beavertown and some bottles of kriek (decent!) that have been there so long I suspect someone is running a cellaring program.

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