Beer Wankers 2023

very professional looking photo, the kind of photo you might pay someone £40 for in fact


I got one today too: thought I might as well as I’ve never had it before. Almost never get £9 hype DIPAs but hey, once in a while. Won’t have it tonight though.

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Haha! Someone should make a business out of that!

I think I pointed out how easy it is to take a professional looking photo the other week, but it really is, It’s a piece of white paper on a chair, taken with a compact digital camera (so not even a DSLR), and five minutes of moving sliders around on my phone.

Where did you go? At Seven Cellars it was one per customer

Should save it until next year and do a vertical tasting or whatever it’s called


There was someone on Facebook who had saved a putty and a chubbles from last year for their advent calendar and swore they tatsted great…

Yeah Seven Cellars in the station. I only popped in to see my friend who works there, but there was one can left so…

Funnily enough she recommended waiting a few weeks or so for the usual Verdant hop burn to ease off. We’ll see

Apparently PJ interrupted a brewer to give the quote and staff aren’t too happy about it, having a big meeting next week apparently.


Sorry but lol, lmao even :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


My £30 Beer Merchants mystery box came, with a free glass. Pretty pleased with that tbh, the German ones usually stand up pretty well to being slightly out of date and there’s three beers north of 10%.


We buying wander beyond’s space?

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they’re moving to europe?

Didn’t another Manc brewery move to Belgium? Chorlton maybe?

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yeah they moved a good few years ago now

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woah, that feels big

What’s the story with CW?

All I see from them now is pretty boring standard pale ales at my local shop with a weird snazzy design

They got greedy, Martin

I’ll answer this properly tomorrow when I’m not needing to sleep x

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I now work at the North Taproom in Circle Square, Manchester. Quote “drowned in sound” to the small chap most likely being on the bar (me) and I’ll give you the 20% friends and family discount x


do they even still put out stuff? Obviously, some guys from that have set up Balance after working at Squawk / Track but what happened to Mike exactly?

1.BD Connection
2. Weird naming / design of core range
3. Tesco-ish see 1 (PJ saying they’d never be in supermarkets etc)
4. Sacking off the really good staff (sure sev knows more about this than me)
5, PJ being PJ

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