Beer Wankers 2023

My local won best UK urban bar last night. Massive achievement by the guys considering the huge hurdles they had to face to even open. We didn’t have a single bar in the whole country run by an independent brewery until they opened last year.


I think my local Sainsbury’s have stopped selling their own-brand Crown Lager (brewed by Carslberg). £2.49 for four 440ml cans. An untouchable bargain and my staple fridge filler. I’m bereft. Going to have to become a cider drinker.

Pretty good beer this



Indeed. A load more have just gone up on Brew Export. Fairly pricey by their usually pretty reasonable standards, but very nice

This bar has £7 Pilot pints

Fuck sake

Don’t even know if this is good or bad anymore


it’s Pilot so probs bad


Youuuu shitbag

Wait, if you meant price wise yes it’s bad - I’d expect more like £5.50

If you meant quality, see above


And to think I nearly tried to befriend you


I wouldn’t bother :wink:

Domo taking shots at Tesco.


Tesco prob make a slightly better return on that than exploding warm cans of vocation…!


Can’t remember what was decided as being good but just had a taster of this Cloudwater MCI Chocolate Orange and it was pretty :ok_hand:


Heading to a conference at the NEC at the end of the week. We’re staying at a hotel out there but I’m hoping we’ll be going into Birmingham proper for food in the evenings. I lived there from 2002-2006 so I (hopefully) know where things are still. I’m not sure the people I’m with will be wanting to go too far off the beaten track or walk too far from the station so planning to work my way up from New Street towards Broad Street or maybe Mailbox/Brindley Place to find somewhere for food. Anywhere decent up that way for a pint?

Also I realise things have probably changed a lot in nearly 20 years so if the food options up that way are all shit, I’m all ears on that front too.

(Haven’t been for a few years but was there regularly pre Covid so definitely check these places are still open!)

Tilt is great (pinball/craft beer bar)
The Pint Shop
Cherry Reds
Remember Kongs being decent although that might’ve just been from the massive burger and Steady Rolling Man on tap when that was still a bit of a novelty
There’s a Head of Steam as well

I’m actually going next week for the first time since 2019!


Tilt will have the best selection at the moment, given you’re going at the end of the week should be fine but occasionally they close up early these days. The arcade it is based in can occasionally be a bit grim as you approach it.

Unfortunately @guntrip The Pint Shop and Kong’s have gone. Plus the other recent suggestion of Digbrew by the station as well.

Close to the New St, Cherry Reds is the best option and if you need food Bonehead next door is great for fried chicken and bas a good beer selection - might have a bit of a wait to get a table.

On your walk up from the station you could go via Pinfold St for Post Office Vaults, basement bar and good bottle selection but probably not the best to cater for a mixed crowd on the beer. Would recommend Fox and Chance just before it for cocktails.

For central drinking by Victoria Square might be your best bet for options that don’t take you away from final destination and cater for all. There’s Sommar, Purecraft opposite (good food there as well) and then around the corner The Colmore which is a thornbridge pub. There’s also the Wellington for an old man pub and all the cask, you can take your own food in.

Not sure there’s anywhere up towards brindley or broad at, Sommar have a tap room on the canal near the sea life centre but that’d be about it.

Other standard options are probably out the way for you

Kilder, round the back of Moor St and next to Original Patty Men
North Brewing, under the offices by Snow hill station
The Wolf, 1000 trades and Burning Soul brewery in the jewellery quarter.


Oh also for a pub in a nice arcade there is The Good Internet in the Great Western Arcade. Is a Craddock’s brewery place, not really much interesting on the beer front to be honest however it is a not for profit bar.

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Shame about the closures - pretty sure Pint Shop only opened in the time I was travelling there regularly (2018/2019)!

Thanks for the recommendations. Looking forward to going back!