🍻 LME DiSmeat THIS FRIDAY 29th OLD ST. from 18:00 onwards


A new craft beer co. has opened in Old St. and we should probably give it a DiS christening at some point soon yeah? https://tinyurl.com/ydg5qkfg

  • I’m in
  • Might be washing my hair that night tbh m9s
  • Ahm oot

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  • Craft beer co. @ Old St.
  • Craft beer co. @ Islington (the usual)
  • that pub near King’s X again
  • Boo somewhere else

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  • Fri 29th Sept
  • Tues 3rd Oct
  • Thurs 5th Oct
  • Boo none of these

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Will bump for the dayshift tomorrow obviously.




would love to go to one of these one day


Not that I can make any of these dates, but the new craft beer place on old st looks pretty nice.

  • One of these dates will do
  • Boooo new dates pls

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Could do Friday only but don’t let that stop yous


can do Friday but it will be a mere pit stop I’m afraid!


let’s see what the mondayers say


will probably only go for one due to being non-rich


i’ll buy you a beer :beer: :+1: as i’m sure others will. a proper LME welcome!


awww thank :slight_smile: I will drink any old shite btw


Throwing this date in there:

Thursday 28th September?

  • Can do it
  • Fuck off profk

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i probably could but it’d be an arse


Going to quantify my above votes by saying if there’s a meat around Christmas I might be able to come along. Have to visit my brother in Maidstone so could combine the two.


As would I. Midlands-based DiSers assemble pls

DiS Meat: b i r m i n g h a m?

There should be a Kent meat!


get a thread goin, man

DiS Meat: b i r m i n g h a m?

How many would be interested in a Kent meat I wonder?


@_Em @fappable ermmm I’m sure there are more Kent based disers


@balonz ?